Wednesday, January 18, 2006


It all started with an 'eventful' weekend. A lip smacking treat to dosas and ravee un-de's *. Ah ...... awesome!

Well, after all these delicacies, my friend decided to take me on a walk along memory lane. A collection of all the greeting cards , letters, photographs .........some dating way back to second grade!! Somone rightly said, ' A picture is worth a thousand words'. Well a small correction, a thousand words are a conservative estimate! Some pictures are just priceless. The moments frozen in those can sometimes transport you way back in time ........and just render you speechless.

The collection of greeting cards. Well .... priceless is the word. The gradual maturity in the way the cards are written and the general choice of the cards , the content in them, the change in writing styles ....... ah they were a treat themselves. Hand made cards customized to the individual , but filled with words that are genuine are just .........ah .......just awesome!!!

Ah ... I should have retained some of those too .......!! Atleast 'some' of them ........

* - A delicacy , in south india made of Soji aka Rava. Its sweet, spherical in shape and tastes ..... WOW!


Khushi said...

Khushi said...
//The gradual maturity in the way the cards are written and the general choice of the cards , the content in them, the change in writing styles

Hey, can relate to it so very well... I have paper cards which I'd got when I was small, and when I read it now, I feel like laughing at the contents but then its so damn cute :)
Be it the same old traditional ways of writing 'open with a sweet smile' or 'sealed with a sweet kiss'
or be it,
which means Forget Me Not
or the ever famous
he he.... MEMORABILIA.. indeed!
I shall keep those for my kids to see ;) he he

Jay said...


WOW ....! So there are many people out there who retain all their 'memorabilia'!! SIGH!! :-/

aknowkneemoose said...

Yeah... I got a small briefcase full of memorabilia... :D

But then it dates back to only a few years... not much from the time when I was a kid :)

Btw... change the spelling of 'rave unde' to 'ra-way unn-day' or else people might not even get what you're referring to. I didn't, not the first time *sheepish moose*

Jay said...


You too???! Ah .....!!! Yeah rave unde's could me misinterpreted! :D

aknowkneemoose said...

I didn't say I misconstrued what you said!

I read 'rave' as the english word. And then I read 'unde' and I thought to myself, "this doesn't make any sense!"

Then it struck me as to what you meant.

The sweet.

Vikram said...

//ravee un-de's *.


chitra said...

Uh oh... me feeling hungry now for rave undes :) !!

Deepa said...

"Greeting cards"...
Reminds me of school day...
The very much standard word
--Open with a humungous smile
--FF (Friends Forever)
--LYLAS (Luv Ya Like A Sis)
--TOHAK (Tons Of Hugs And Kisses)
--BFF (Best Friends Forever)
--STAMP (With a foot print on the top left corner)
and not to miss lots and lots of bunny and smile faces...

Anurama said...

Wow.. those wonderful set of cards and letters. I too have a big carton full of letters and cards. Its fun to read them :)

n Rave unde's mmmm.......I am feeling hungry.. :)

Shikha said...

About a year back,I was cleaning up my cupboard and there were so many letters and cards that there was no more space..i threw away some of the letters..but all the cards are still there

Anonymous said...