Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Virus attack?

According to ...

An institution of higher learning that grants the bachelor's degree in liberal arts or science or both.
  1. An undergraduate division or school of a university offering courses and granting degrees in a particular field.
Ah ......... what a simple definition, indeed !! Huh!

The term college , strikes a totally different chord. That term brings in a mixed bag of reactions!! Just for a moment, one tends to go back to those days .. where,attendance was a myth (make it 75% attendance) , Canteen a Laboratory ( I guess the Roti's served here should have been used Tensile testing specimens ;-)), Cricket Ground /Volley Ball Court/ Shuttle Court ..aka the real classrooms, the cultural fest(s), project works, pangas, 'huts' aka adda ..........ah and quite some more!

Mechanical Engineering! Okie .... are you all done with your collective sighs??! Huh??! Stop being that judgemental ;-). Anyway .. moving on the first semester we had a C Programming lab, prescribed in our curriculum. The lab was managed by Digi (ah .. thats his nickname .. more abt him in a post sometime later), Gates (Murali) and Allen ( Ashok).

Er .. yeah we had nick named these two lab instructors as Gates and Allen. What did you ask? Oh ... No .. its not for their entrepreneurial skills. Its just that they believed that, they 'owned' the place. Well ... they were not that capable of managing the lab (with folks like us, who were in love with Infinite loops ;-)) ... but then they used to wear that 'imcompetence' skill right on their sleeve!! You dont believe me???! One of the samples .......

Our first lab session. We were all asked to remove our foot wear, before entering the lab. We did. Just as we were about to enter , Gates (G) stops my class mate Pranav(R ;-)) . Excerpt of the conversation ...(Translated )

G : Hey ..... I asked you to remove your footwear!!
R : I did that!
G : Foot wear includes the socks as well.
( As R got down obediently to do as told ........ curiosity ... took its toll on him)
R : Why .... the socks too??!
G : .............................. (Disappointed Look on his face )
G : I really donno how you guys made it to Engineering!!
R : Why sir?? :O
G : Don't you know, if you come in with your socks ...... it could lead to a Virus Attack!!
R : WHAT????!? (:O :O :O .. :D)
G : ....( Gets into the lab with a look, that read, * I have to train such incompetent folks*)

Believe me or not ......... that was exactly ............what hapenned! More posts on them in a while! Now ... do you agree , the definition ..... of college as per .. '' is so ....... incomplete!!! :D


aknowkneemoose said...

OMG! I was rofl-ing when I read this post :D

But then... perhaps there are indeed some viruses that afflict computers and are transmitted through socks! Who knows? ;)

Jay said...


Ah .... I so much want to believe he made such a knowledgable comment (as u mention) :D

But as you would know in some posts later .... he definitely would not have hinted 'that' way! :-)

Shikha said...

Did he mean some human virus(i cant think of any that spreads from socks) or was he hinting towards..oh god,can he be that stupid??

Vikram said...

Yet another jerk handed the responsibility of handling a computer lab. Even janitors don't think they own any place..hehe..

Anurama said...

"if you come in with your socks ...... it could lead to a Virus Attack!!"

Ha ha.. we can pass this on to Norton Antivirus team..What if they come up with a good Antivirus solution ... LOL :)

Khushi said...

//If you come in with your socks ...... it could lead to a Virus Attack!!

WOW! your Bill GATES is really gr8, It should be so easy to get antivirus solution;-)


Sayesha said...

Hahahahaha! :D

chitra said...

Mummyyy......virus attack :):) !!

Jay said...

I am afraid .. the latter part of ur pondering was true .. He was infact .... hinting at that! ;-)


Thats right! :D


Never thot abt it as a business proposition! Now that U say .. ;-)


Yeah right!





Gangadhar said...

And brought back my college days...

Ajay said...

hehe nice post dude

Pallavi said...

simple word yet so demanding.

Jay said...




Thanks and welcome to Scintillations!


:D. Sudden disappearance?? Scintillations missed U! ;-)