Monday, January 16, 2006

Dynamics .....

Electives. A set of sujects that are to be offerred to you , to allow you to improve your understanding of a particular field that interested or appealed to you.

That being the universal meaning to the term Electives. This , condition sometimes could not be met. As folks had varied interests, often choices were not in sync. Thus, we folks came to a conclusion, that we would take up subjects offerred by some 'popular' professors as we could then see electives as an oppurtunity to 'score'.

That, brings us to the HOD of Mechanical Engineering. An enthusiatic and fun loving bloke! Well, thats if you manage to subtract the egoism and his innate ability to drive others crazy with his 'i have to know everything around here' attitude!! He came over and talked to us about him offerring a subject called 'Gas Dynamics'. A quick check with the 'seniors' whether it was a scoring subject. Most of them reported positively. Some claimed to have got a 90 + on it too!! Unfortunately all these folks belonged to the syllabii that was altered two years back. Our immediate seniors had not chosen this subject!! Anyways .. with the overall feel being positive we decided to go for it. HOD, claimed that he was the 'one' who was an authority on that subject and he went ahead to suggest that he would provide thirty questions , out of which any twenty would appear in the paper!! Man ....we were all set for a rocking semester!! Fate, had other plans in store. :-/!!! This subject had one point, it was filled with equations. The speciality was that in the right hand side we just had three terms in funny combinations .. and thats about it!!!

Yeah, we were all set and the day arrived. Since the previous papers, had 'not been' according to plan .... we wanted to seek our 'share' of marks by maxing this paper. The papers were distributed ......... I saw the paper ...... MAN! This cant be my paper ........I mean some mistake ... I cant believe I cant even recognize any question .........

Me : Sir ... I am from V sem Mechanical, I dont think this is my question paper!!
Lecturer : (Suprised and shocked .... comes running to my desk)
Lecturer : (Gives me a suprised look .... then it turns scornful)
Lecturer : U from V sem Mechanical?
Me : Yeah ....
Lecturer : Gas Dynamics, is the elective you have chosen??!
Me : yeah
lecturer : Then this is your paper ..... All the best!
Me : :O

I look around .........all the guys have similar looks on the face. One says ..... 10 minutes.. er.. thats the max amount of time he expects to stay inside!! Sigh! Man ..... what a paper!! Did manage to pull it off ...... WHOA!! I was elated at the result or what!!! Oh .. those days ........... :D

What ?? How much I scored??! Er ..... Next question! ;-). What matters is that I did not have to repeat that as i very much feared i would have too :D


Khushi said...

he he,
yaaaaaaa, I remember, even we had a 40 marks out-of-syllabus in a Mobile communication paper... Man, how much was a praying for that 35 I got :-O

Vikram said...

Yeah dude, been there more than once, infact. :D

But VTU is very considerate when it comes to such papers. hehe

Anurama said...

I had this same sort of experience with my Digital Signal Processing paper. I was praying to get a pass mark. Gave a big treat for myself after checking the result :)

Shikha said...

Haha..same story every sem:)

Jay said...


Every door has a doorstep! :D


Oh yeah they were considerate!


Treat for that? in our case, we guys always used to end up going dutch as .... ;-)