Monday, July 04, 2005

Resolutions ....

Resolutions ........... well suprising as it is to myself, I have a steely determination to uphold the resolutions I make. This trait is embedded deep within me that I never go back on the words I promise myself. There are hundreds of instances where I have done just that and I still do.

Well I guess all thats changing offlate now. It all started with me deciding to avoid all modes of communication with a certain X. Well i succeeded to a fair degree to isolate myself from X. But X................. I guess this emotional vice is just too excruciating. Though I am isolated for some strange reason I feel like I shouldnt be walking so far away. I feel its kind of acceptable to retract the resolutions i make. I feel it is justified that I can relax the stand I have taken. I feel that I am kind of craving to break the stand I have taken and am actually putting up with some stuff I need'nt.

I guess this is just a temporary phase and I shouldnt stoop down to allow some aquaintance to shadow the commitments I make to myself. Resolutions .................... are sanct and have to be honoured!!