Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Patience is a VIRTUE.

A typical day on the way to office is marked with a brisk walk, greetings to a few familiar faces, optimism on my sleeve, radiocity (@ 60% volume ;-)) and a test of patience!!

Well for all those with an expression of :O .... let me explain. There are many reasons that could qualify, for my patience being tested, well let me assure .. its not ......the bus timing, songs played within that time frame or the traffic jams. Its an aquaintance (X) who boards the bus from the point I board!

I am somone who believes the 'more the merrier'. Well .. here is somone who has made me love solitude. This person feels he needs to have an opinion on all the issues around him and he would offer them unsolicited! Sometimes ..I just have to go that extra mile to retain my calm! Some excerpts ..........

X : Hey .. Jay! U are not sending any messages (SMS) today??! Hmm? Hmm??? Hmmmm???? ;-)
Me : Yeah ......
X : Ah ....... why??!
Me : Hey ... I think its time to board the bus!
X : Hey Jay .... U are SMSing eh?:O
Me: Nope .. not really just checking if my keys are working fine!
X : Messages are charged eh??! :O
X : I think India should go for three seamers.
Me: Oh .... Okie
X : But I don't think we have three world class seamers!
X : These traffic jams are getting really sad!
Me: That's right.
X : I think we should start by 6 am and wind by 3 pm.
Me: Why?
X : We can beat the jams!!
Me: Why not start at 12 midnight ... lesser jams ....Hurray! (:-|)
X : These people will not listen to us yaar!
X : Oh ... ur friend is leaving to Ireland? Beautiful place .. I must say!
Me: Yeah .. he is. Oh U have been there? Any suggestions as places not to be missed there?
X : I haven't been there!! Not even heard about it!
Me: Okie .... (Man!)
X : U cleared the NCFM for ur Certification eh? ( NSE's Certification on Financial Markets).
Me: Yeah .....
X : But I am self trained ..... and I know abt the markets better.
Me:Okie ....
X : No Certifications ... for people like us eh?
Me: I am not sure ......

So U see many of such instances ......its a kind of test of patience ..... everyday! Did I mention that .. he is a Manager too ? I really wonder .... it should be so difficult for the folks who report to him!


Khushi said...

//Me: Nope .. not really just checking if my keys are working fine!

//X : These people will not listen to us yaar!

//X : No Certifications ... for people like us eh?

You can give him JCJ.. Jay's Certified Jerk

Jay said...

I sometimes wish I could just take away my official tag and talk to him as just Jay! DAMN!

Khizzy said...

lol...put head phones on and look straight ahead!

educatedunemployed said...

I totally pity you.Atleast here you can carry a book and be upfront and say,I'd like to read this chapter before I reach office.But on the other hand, it is a virtue you are developing..:D

Deepa said...

" Patience is a VIRTUE "
To avoid such guyz....
U cud probably pick up a ...
a topic ....
which u r really good at and ,...
Start talkin talkin talkin...
that he'd dare to ...act smart with u again...

Jay said...

Yeah .. but thats the appraoch I am currently taking!

Oh a book is a bad choice. I completly dint tell U the story. He has to explain every book he has read!

We ll .....will try that!

Anurama said...

"I haven't been there!! Not even heard about it!"

lol :)

Jay said...


Yeah .. :-)

chitra said...

Well....it takes a 'great' sould to know another 'great' soul !! :) :)

Jay said...


I am so glad .. that in this bad world of criss crossed paths ... we 'know' each other!! ;-)

chitra said...

Oho... are you?? That's surprising :) :).

Vikram said...

kill the guy man....just kill him...you want an axe?

Jay said...


Er ... ;-)


Pass it on buddy!

Anonymous said...

:) By now u must hv gained a lot of patience then ... hmm now i know y u r so calm now a days !!

Jay said...


Er .... yeah, thats right!