Monday, January 02, 2006

Light (ning) .....

An eerie sense of calm.
Waves make their routine visit to the shore and rush back.
The view from the shore ....... endless miles of sea and islands located quite far away.
A lighthouse.
Time ticks away ........ leaving me just loneliness for company.
It's dark.
In my mind ...... amidst a lot of questions, I request for some light to be shed on some concerns.
I guess somone heard me .......
The calmness disappears.
The clouds seem to be meeting in an emergency.
My request seems to be fulfilled.
Lightning's batter the open sea.
As I leave the shore towards some shelter ......... I just wonder ....... All my questions are being answered, Er ....... am I actually asking the right questions?
If i am indeed asking the right questions ........ am i ready for the answers!?


Khushi said...

//All my questions are being answered, Er ....... am I actually asking the right questions?


Is it just,
If every thing is coming your way then you are in the wrong lane ????

Jay said...


I wish .. it was just that simple! :-)

Anurama said...

"Am I ready for the answers!?"

I too have had the same feeling when I start getting answers for my questions. I always end up thinking.. what if I dont ask any questions?? will there still be some answers?? what if I stop expecting?? will I still get what I deserve?? I havent got the answers for these questions yet..

Jay said...


Yeah, a thought .... U ask for some light to help U beat the darkness ... and U get lightning instead!

Deepa said...

Tell me u were sleeping ,while writting this!!!

Jay said...


Er ... hangover I guess!

Anonymous said...

U out of hangover now ? or still into it ???

Jay said...


WHAT??! What did U ask??! Hang what??! ;-)