Friday, September 30, 2005

Calvin ........ and me??!

Of all the comic strips I have come across, Bill Wattersons's , Calvin and Hobbes has been etched ... probably in an indelible state of my mind. The depictions in those strips often span a whole array of emotions mostly on the lighter side of the spectrum. Simplicity, humour, philosophy and the way the world is percieved by a mischeivous six year old and his partner in crime are all the trademarks of this masterpiece.

One of them which I liked a lot ......

Hobbes : Why is Ur Snowman sad?
Calvin : He knows his existence is mundane and knows sun is beating down and he is gonna die.
Hobbes : Is he going to stay like this the whole day?
Calvin : Nope. He is going to buy a flat screen tv.

Simple, yet this strip apparently conveys the message that most of us do lead unepic lives. Despite all that we make life a little interesting with some available sources of entertainment.

But essentially I was wondering what makes me like this strip so much. Is it the humor which I appreciate? Is it his attitude? Or is it that I have been through similar stuff (sometimes) and i feel connected coz of that?! Or is there a Calvin within each of us? Hmmm ........

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Charge of the Geek brigade.

Tumultous Monday should I say ....... Sigh!!! The traffic scene in Bangalore is radically changing day by day. But sadly not for the better. Of these 'long' journeys from ' home' to 'office' ( how ironical ... if at all time spent were a decider then .......) the only respite many of we commuters have are the FM stations that churn out music to our ears.

A leading daily had remarked that prolonged exposure to music through headsets at full volume can lead to disastrous effects over long periods of time. In accordance with that my radio volume is at 50% .

My fellow colleagues seemed to have serious fun discussing about Take homes, House rents and how somone who had flunked their 'compre' had been the 'chosen' one to go 'Onsite'.

An excerpt :

Col 1 : Hey so how the weekend.
Col2 : I was at home itself. It was like somone had issued a Exclusive Lock.
Col1 : He he he.
Col2 : He he he.
Col2 : So ur weekend?
Col1 : It was fun ... On saturday had so much fun ... it was like a 'Buffer Overflowing'
Col & Col 2 : He he He.
Col1 : So when is ur birthday?
Col2 : ...........
An eloquent pause.
Col2 : Its on May 10
Col 1 & Col2 : He he he !
Col2 : I was actually wondering in which format I should tell ya!!
Col1 & Col2 : He he he!!

I increase the volume to 100 %. The Charge of the Fire Brigade, by Alfred Lord Tennyson came to mind. " Cannons to the Front of them, cannons to the back of them .... ". Oh here were the geeks.

SIGH!! How far is this place!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Time flies and how ?

It was not how I expected it will turn into. It was not the way i expected it would end. It was just not the way I thought things would carry on.

Well ..where do I begin? Could connect it to the flight path traced by a butterfly. Colourful, interesting and curious it whizzes past U. Enjoy it and let is pass.The moment U beging to get closer to it it moves away. Stay away and it comes back. Hmmm........ Interesting.

It was a mixed bag when the seperation actually hapenned. Things seem to have changed. Butterflies are best left on their own. I am much relaxed this way.