Monday, January 09, 2006

On Air ...

Sometimes, in the journey of life , you meet a few people with whom you instantly strike a chord. The harmony , thus generated is pure melody. :-)

Radiocity, a popular radio channel in Bangalore , had a contest , close to the heels of Christmas, the festival of sharing. This unique contest had a beautiful concept. To participate, one needs to mail the channel nominating , somone whom they considerd, as those who deserve to be gifted!! Hence, its your chance to GIFT a GIFT! The simplicity and the concept was awesome, that I decided to participate nominating, a FRIEND of mine , called , Khushi.

The mail, I had sent in was shortlisted in the contest and I got to go 'On Air'. The radio jockey , Rohit Barker , indeed was curious to know why I had decided with that nomination. Well, I did not want to take up a lot of his airtime and thus restricted myself to just describe how , my nomination was so much in the spirit of christmas. Then was the suprise, the gift that I got to gift my friend was a pass to Parasail!!! WHOA! That was a suprise or what!! ;-). The details above are my side of the story. The other side, is available right, here. :-)

Up ..... Up and Away ........ :-)

Parasailing ..........!! This weekend was my tryst with this aero sport! An inflated parachute, a harness, a saddle and an automobile is all that is required to free ur spirit! WHOA! The trailing vehicle , infaltes the chute and U transcend into the free, boundless world! The panaoramic view , is just AWESOME!!! The feeling ........ WHOA! Amazing! At 300 feet from the ground ........ the view is just marvellous!! What a feeling, to just be there !! SIGH! Its really sad that all good things have to come to an end! The end of the tarmac marks the descent of the chute. The thrill of this just makes U long for more! Whats more ........ I actually got to gift this experience to my friend as well!!!

Life @ 300 feet ..................:-)

Ah ...... I was 'On Air' twice and the thrill derived both the moments ........... will stay etched in memory for times to come!!!


Khushi said...

Wasnt it like just a FREE-BIRD :D...
Err,,, okey, a BIRD tied to a jeep :P

Jay said...


Well .... thats right! ;-). It was like a FREE bird indeed! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hmm ... good u finally experienced one of the things u always wanted to !!

Vikram said...

dude, that was just awesome man...:)

Jay said...


Yes .. thanks, seems like U are a 'follower' of my blog! :-)


Thanks! :-)

ritzkini said...

hey ! thats Jakkur airport,rite ?? have done it myself..just once tho !
unbeatable feeling,still !
great going boss..keep it up...