Thursday, August 24, 2006

Saas Bahu??!

What do you want to hear first? Good news or Bad news?

Time's running out ............! Okie .... I ve made up my mind ......

The bad news ........

I watched the movie KANK, last weekend!

I pause that you all could heave a collective SIGH.

You, the one who is so shocked at the statement above, i am talking to you. I did not say, "I trained Schumi to drive"! Stop giving that look!

Maybe some of you all could take time and advise me that I shouldn't have watched it in the first place. Those of you all, who advised me strongly not to watch this movie, from across the world, I know i let you all down! Sorry! Yes, I was abducted by a group of die hard Abhishek Bachhan fans! Yes, they screamed when John Abraham made an appearance on screen too! Yes, yes for once ................I felt i was subdued, i watched the movie without creating a ruckus. I couldn't join the gang!

Yes, now the good news, this is not a review of the film!

Okie, stop the hoorays! It's okie ....! :-)

This is about a couple i saw at the ticket counter. Two women aged about 50 and 65. The elderly amongst them, was waiting out of line. The woman in line, seemed enthusiatic and could beat all the college students in line before her, hands down with her enthusiasm !

She seems to be totally excited and kept conversing to .....

She: Is this for counter for 11 15 AM show?
Me : Yes.
She : 2 15 shows and evening shows sold out eh?
me : Yes, they are ......
(She Talking to the elderly person (EP))
She : Everyone, says the movie is just okie... .. but we need to see for ourselves .. naah ma?
EP smiles .
(To me)
She : This is my mother in law.
(An affectionate smile)
(To the guy in the counter)
She : Two balcony tickets please. How much? 100 each eh?

Ah ........ I thought!

Wow, Saas Bahu ........! Ekta Kapoor, better re- invent herself ....!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Seasons .....

It's spring!
In the lives of some people i know .....

Upbeat, bright and filled with life !
They are so looking forward to the summer ahead!

It's Summer
In the lives of some people i know .....

The brightness, is welcome. Sometimes, the humidity joins hands and results in sultry conditions ! Nevertheless, its great to bask in it!

But, somewhere ..... they just want a change! Rain perhaps .....

It's rainy
In the lives of some people i know .....

From, drops of it,which they relished, till the point, it'ss almost drowning them ...! They aren't enjoying it anymore! It's pouring ....!

Oh, enough of all this rain ......... they claim!

It's autumn
In the lives of some people i know .....

Downbeat, and demotivated. They just need a new lease of life !

It's Winter
In the lives of some people i know .....

Cold, chilling and bitter, are their stories at this point!
They seem to be in constant search for something! Warmth, perhaps!

Thus, time moves, like a windshield on a bug, i read somewhere. True, perhaps! Hopefully, this Season of life, is better for these folks!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006



Is there a pattern that universe follows?

Or is it random?

Or ............. is randomness a pattern by itself?