Wednesday, January 18, 2006


It all started with an 'eventful' weekend. A lip smacking treat to dosas and ravee un-de's *. Ah ...... awesome!

Well, after all these delicacies, my friend decided to take me on a walk along memory lane. A collection of all the greeting cards , letters, photographs .........some dating way back to second grade!! Somone rightly said, ' A picture is worth a thousand words'. Well a small correction, a thousand words are a conservative estimate! Some pictures are just priceless. The moments frozen in those can sometimes transport you way back in time ........and just render you speechless.

The collection of greeting cards. Well .... priceless is the word. The gradual maturity in the way the cards are written and the general choice of the cards , the content in them, the change in writing styles ....... ah they were a treat themselves. Hand made cards customized to the individual , but filled with words that are genuine are just .........ah .......just awesome!!!

Ah ... I should have retained some of those too .......!! Atleast 'some' of them ........

* - A delicacy , in south india made of Soji aka Rava. Its sweet, spherical in shape and tastes ..... WOW!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Dynamics .....

Electives. A set of sujects that are to be offerred to you , to allow you to improve your understanding of a particular field that interested or appealed to you.

That being the universal meaning to the term Electives. This , condition sometimes could not be met. As folks had varied interests, often choices were not in sync. Thus, we folks came to a conclusion, that we would take up subjects offerred by some 'popular' professors as we could then see electives as an oppurtunity to 'score'.

That, brings us to the HOD of Mechanical Engineering. An enthusiatic and fun loving bloke! Well, thats if you manage to subtract the egoism and his innate ability to drive others crazy with his 'i have to know everything around here' attitude!! He came over and talked to us about him offerring a subject called 'Gas Dynamics'. A quick check with the 'seniors' whether it was a scoring subject. Most of them reported positively. Some claimed to have got a 90 + on it too!! Unfortunately all these folks belonged to the syllabii that was altered two years back. Our immediate seniors had not chosen this subject!! Anyways .. with the overall feel being positive we decided to go for it. HOD, claimed that he was the 'one' who was an authority on that subject and he went ahead to suggest that he would provide thirty questions , out of which any twenty would appear in the paper!! Man ....we were all set for a rocking semester!! Fate, had other plans in store. :-/!!! This subject had one point, it was filled with equations. The speciality was that in the right hand side we just had three terms in funny combinations .. and thats about it!!!

Yeah, we were all set and the day arrived. Since the previous papers, had 'not been' according to plan .... we wanted to seek our 'share' of marks by maxing this paper. The papers were distributed ......... I saw the paper ...... MAN! This cant be my paper ........I mean some mistake ... I cant believe I cant even recognize any question .........

Me : Sir ... I am from V sem Mechanical, I dont think this is my question paper!!
Lecturer : (Suprised and shocked .... comes running to my desk)
Lecturer : (Gives me a suprised look .... then it turns scornful)
Lecturer : U from V sem Mechanical?
Me : Yeah ....
Lecturer : Gas Dynamics, is the elective you have chosen??!
Me : yeah
lecturer : Then this is your paper ..... All the best!
Me : :O

I look around .........all the guys have similar looks on the face. One says ..... 10 minutes.. er.. thats the max amount of time he expects to stay inside!! Sigh! Man ..... what a paper!! Did manage to pull it off ...... WHOA!! I was elated at the result or what!!! Oh .. those days ........... :D

What ?? How much I scored??! Er ..... Next question! ;-). What matters is that I did not have to repeat that as i very much feared i would have too :D

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Virus attack?

According to ...

An institution of higher learning that grants the bachelor's degree in liberal arts or science or both.
  1. An undergraduate division or school of a university offering courses and granting degrees in a particular field.
Ah ......... what a simple definition, indeed !! Huh!

The term college , strikes a totally different chord. That term brings in a mixed bag of reactions!! Just for a moment, one tends to go back to those days .. where,attendance was a myth (make it 75% attendance) , Canteen a Laboratory ( I guess the Roti's served here should have been used Tensile testing specimens ;-)), Cricket Ground /Volley Ball Court/ Shuttle Court ..aka the real classrooms, the cultural fest(s), project works, pangas, 'huts' aka adda ..........ah and quite some more!

Mechanical Engineering! Okie .... are you all done with your collective sighs??! Huh??! Stop being that judgemental ;-). Anyway .. moving on the first semester we had a C Programming lab, prescribed in our curriculum. The lab was managed by Digi (ah .. thats his nickname .. more abt him in a post sometime later), Gates (Murali) and Allen ( Ashok).

Er .. yeah we had nick named these two lab instructors as Gates and Allen. What did you ask? Oh ... No .. its not for their entrepreneurial skills. Its just that they believed that, they 'owned' the place. Well ... they were not that capable of managing the lab (with folks like us, who were in love with Infinite loops ;-)) ... but then they used to wear that 'imcompetence' skill right on their sleeve!! You dont believe me???! One of the samples .......

Our first lab session. We were all asked to remove our foot wear, before entering the lab. We did. Just as we were about to enter , Gates (G) stops my class mate Pranav(R ;-)) . Excerpt of the conversation ...(Translated )

G : Hey ..... I asked you to remove your footwear!!
R : I did that!
G : Foot wear includes the socks as well.
( As R got down obediently to do as told ........ curiosity ... took its toll on him)
R : Why .... the socks too??!
G : .............................. (Disappointed Look on his face )
G : I really donno how you guys made it to Engineering!!
R : Why sir?? :O
G : Don't you know, if you come in with your socks ...... it could lead to a Virus Attack!!
R : WHAT????!? (:O :O :O .. :D)
G : ....( Gets into the lab with a look, that read, * I have to train such incompetent folks*)

Believe me or not ......... that was exactly ............what hapenned! More posts on them in a while! Now ... do you agree , the definition ..... of college as per .. '' is so ....... incomplete!!! :D

Monday, January 09, 2006

On Air ...

Sometimes, in the journey of life , you meet a few people with whom you instantly strike a chord. The harmony , thus generated is pure melody. :-)

Radiocity, a popular radio channel in Bangalore , had a contest , close to the heels of Christmas, the festival of sharing. This unique contest had a beautiful concept. To participate, one needs to mail the channel nominating , somone whom they considerd, as those who deserve to be gifted!! Hence, its your chance to GIFT a GIFT! The simplicity and the concept was awesome, that I decided to participate nominating, a FRIEND of mine , called , Khushi.

The mail, I had sent in was shortlisted in the contest and I got to go 'On Air'. The radio jockey , Rohit Barker , indeed was curious to know why I had decided with that nomination. Well, I did not want to take up a lot of his airtime and thus restricted myself to just describe how , my nomination was so much in the spirit of christmas. Then was the suprise, the gift that I got to gift my friend was a pass to Parasail!!! WHOA! That was a suprise or what!! ;-). The details above are my side of the story. The other side, is available right, here. :-)

Up ..... Up and Away ........ :-)

Parasailing ..........!! This weekend was my tryst with this aero sport! An inflated parachute, a harness, a saddle and an automobile is all that is required to free ur spirit! WHOA! The trailing vehicle , infaltes the chute and U transcend into the free, boundless world! The panaoramic view , is just AWESOME!!! The feeling ........ WHOA! Amazing! At 300 feet from the ground ........ the view is just marvellous!! What a feeling, to just be there !! SIGH! Its really sad that all good things have to come to an end! The end of the tarmac marks the descent of the chute. The thrill of this just makes U long for more! Whats more ........ I actually got to gift this experience to my friend as well!!!

Life @ 300 feet ..................:-)

Ah ...... I was 'On Air' twice and the thrill derived both the moments ........... will stay etched in memory for times to come!!!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Patience is a VIRTUE.

A typical day on the way to office is marked with a brisk walk, greetings to a few familiar faces, optimism on my sleeve, radiocity (@ 60% volume ;-)) and a test of patience!!

Well for all those with an expression of :O .... let me explain. There are many reasons that could qualify, for my patience being tested, well let me assure .. its not ......the bus timing, songs played within that time frame or the traffic jams. Its an aquaintance (X) who boards the bus from the point I board!

I am somone who believes the 'more the merrier'. Well .. here is somone who has made me love solitude. This person feels he needs to have an opinion on all the issues around him and he would offer them unsolicited! Sometimes ..I just have to go that extra mile to retain my calm! Some excerpts ..........

X : Hey .. Jay! U are not sending any messages (SMS) today??! Hmm? Hmm??? Hmmmm???? ;-)
Me : Yeah ......
X : Ah ....... why??!
Me : Hey ... I think its time to board the bus!
X : Hey Jay .... U are SMSing eh?:O
Me: Nope .. not really just checking if my keys are working fine!
X : Messages are charged eh??! :O
X : I think India should go for three seamers.
Me: Oh .... Okie
X : But I don't think we have three world class seamers!
X : These traffic jams are getting really sad!
Me: That's right.
X : I think we should start by 6 am and wind by 3 pm.
Me: Why?
X : We can beat the jams!!
Me: Why not start at 12 midnight ... lesser jams ....Hurray! (:-|)
X : These people will not listen to us yaar!
X : Oh ... ur friend is leaving to Ireland? Beautiful place .. I must say!
Me: Yeah .. he is. Oh U have been there? Any suggestions as places not to be missed there?
X : I haven't been there!! Not even heard about it!
Me: Okie .... (Man!)
X : U cleared the NCFM for ur Certification eh? ( NSE's Certification on Financial Markets).
Me: Yeah .....
X : But I am self trained ..... and I know abt the markets better.
Me:Okie ....
X : No Certifications ... for people like us eh?
Me: I am not sure ......

So U see many of such instances ......its a kind of test of patience ..... everyday! Did I mention that .. he is a Manager too ? I really wonder .... it should be so difficult for the folks who report to him!

Monday, January 02, 2006

Light (ning) .....

An eerie sense of calm.
Waves make their routine visit to the shore and rush back.
The view from the shore ....... endless miles of sea and islands located quite far away.
A lighthouse.
Time ticks away ........ leaving me just loneliness for company.
It's dark.
In my mind ...... amidst a lot of questions, I request for some light to be shed on some concerns.
I guess somone heard me .......
The calmness disappears.
The clouds seem to be meeting in an emergency.
My request seems to be fulfilled.
Lightning's batter the open sea.
As I leave the shore towards some shelter ......... I just wonder ....... All my questions are being answered, Er ....... am I actually asking the right questions?
If i am indeed asking the right questions ........ am i ready for the answers!?