Friday, March 31, 2006

A picture is worth ......

Is it vast expanse called the sky,

Is it the rythmic (?!) splashing of waves,

Is it the beauty of sunset,

Is this the marvel, nature,

The serenity in chaos………

The simplicity of it all ……..

Who ever said “a picture is worth a million words” was wrong. This picture leaves me speechless! . Yeah … speechless coz , more than a million words that I want to say at the same time … at the same time!! Sometimes .. you remain silent , not because you dont have anything to say ...... you probably have too much to.......

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Oh Bard of Avon, you have some serious competition!! Hamlet, the character you gave life too, did not face a dilemma as great as what some others, I know do!!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Blood is thicker than Cola ......

Abishek Bacchan. Yeah, the same guy who featured in the Go Fida campaign. Yeah, the same who has had an awesome 2k5!! Okie ... now have you girls stopped *drooling*!! Okie ... stop the screams too. Ah ..... silence at last. Thank you!!!

Economic times in its Snippets section reports, that Abishek, aka Chote Sarkar turned down a lucrative offer from a Cola company to participate in their advertising campaign!! Well, the reason is rumored to be that his father, apparently endorses a rival cola brand !! Wow ... blood is thicker than Cola??!

But ..........but ........... what happens now??! The 'mistress of spices' endorses the cola brand that Abishek turned down! Yeah, and that happens to be the 'rival' company too! The ironies of Life ......! ;-)

Monday, March 20, 2006

For the uninitiated ........

Sometimes, work can do "wonders" to your system. Weekend's , all for yourself, become a luxury. Stresses and deadlines can be the way of life ... and can results in conversations which sound like the one featured in this post ....

Well , what do you think the converstion, would be like when stressed Divs, meets Jay who seems to be enjoying his weekend? An excerpt .... ;-)

D : Hey Jay, whats up?
J : Hey Divs! How are you?? Don't tell me you are calling from office! (Okie, that was rhetorical ... :D)
D : Its the same mundane work!! Don't even talk about it!
J : Fine, I have some entrepreneurial ideas, that we could work on, interested? ;-)
D : Er .....Okie ... lets discuss ! :D
J : Lets write a book!!
D : A what? :O Did you mean something on the lines of Ritu Beri's book? ;-)
J : Not exactly, see we can write a book and quote a price of Rs.1,00,001, per copy . Well, I know the figure was chosen, to up the price from Rs. 1,00,000 what Ritu Beri had quoted, for her book! :D
D : Okie ..... I guess you are too much into work Jay, Relax!! :-)
D : So, what will be our book on? (:D)
J : Oh, we don't have to worry about that, we shall fill half of it with a foreward section, written by most folks we know.
D : How will that help us?
J : Simple, for example, well just get Chitra, write a foreward (one of the many ;-)) . Now people will start wondering who Chitra is .... they will start getting curious, what her other works are, as she has been invited to present a foreward, to a book priced at ........... ahem ahem ;-) ! Thats where our second plan comes in ..... we shall go into a deal with Google, charging them, for promoting their search engine as "celebrities" (or atleast thats what others would think, else why would they have been invited to write a foreward) who were featured on our book, would most probably be searched for on their site!! :D
D : Wow ....(:D) you think google will be ready to pay in dollars for this??
J : Oh, we shall charge them in pounds otherwise ! ;-)
D : Okie .. go on!
J : Now ...for why our book is quoted 1,00,001? Our explanation is that, the book is charged at Re.1, but people (read publishers) valued the "love and affection", that people have towards us at Rs.1,00,000 for each of the 10,000 copies of books we have printed! :D
D : Hey, jay was it a bad week at work? ;-)
J : Don't distract the entrepreneur in me! :D
D : Er .....Okie ! :D
J : Actually, we shall endorse our book ourselves ... in a cryptic manner, though!
D : How is that now?
J : Like , I would give a review in two words "Read it " and sign it as "J". Now , people are going to be wondering ... WOW ... who is this "J", and thats where you come in!!
D : Me?! How come!
J : * Evil Grin* You give a review, "Definitely, worth a read" and sign it as "D"! Now, people would have two menacing problems as to who this D and J are!!
Ah ... we have managed to manipulate innocent souls and in the process managed to make "some" money!
D : Half our book will only be forewards , that will leave with a very small section for the "contents" in our book right? ;-)
J : Oh yeah, what do people expect for a book that is just charged at Re 1? ;-). The Rs.1,00,000 is for the "love and affection" they have towards us!
D : Hurray .. Young turks are here!!
J : Yeah, richness and wealth ... here we come!
D : Ritu Beri, needs to be careful ......! :D
J : Er ......... You mean ..... Beri beri careful? ;-)
D : She better be "Beri beri careful", coz we are soon going to be "beri beri" rich and "beri beri" famous!! :D

Yeah ... and it went on for quite sometime! :-)

Thursday, March 16, 2006


Is being alone, being lonely too?

Monday, March 13, 2006

Hitching a ride on Taxi No 9211?

A bollywood movie, in its truest sense. A taxi driver, a passenger and their different yet similar attitudes (confusing? Well .,.,... ) set up an interesting ride in Mumbai.

A mumbai taxi driver, Nana patekar, has a very short fuse. He hates almost everyone around him and attributes his failures to the ways of the world. An individual who changes quite a few jobs , before setting his hands on the wheel, although lying to his wife that he has a white collared job.

A spoilt brat, John Abraham. Surrounded with fake individuals who are behind his money, flat, cars and parties than him.

A ride, where each individual wants to teach the other a lesson, that he is 'in control'. The screenplay was interesting. A event and winding back to profiling each individual was on the lines of the movie 'Yuva'. The world shown through eyes of individuals who differ only in their economic stature. Given an opportunity each would claim that Mumbai belonged to 'his' sect and would be happy without the 'other' sect! :D. Songs.'Zinda.....' and 'Meter Down' are foot tappers, while 'Ek Nazar.... ' sets you wondering. Dialogues ....... curt and sharp. Its worth a watch if you would set aside a few flaws. Ofcourse, the last few minutes are a serious let down just has an anticlimax after the climax! You don't belive me.... watch it! ;-)

The foes .... turn friends ... returning favours and indeed teach each other a lesson. A lesson watchable once though! ;-)

Friday, March 10, 2006

En'light' ened

"¿Siempre serĂ­a usted mi amigo? "

It means, 'Would you always be my friend" ( Yeah, yeah .. Spanish. You knew that? Okie, thats smart, if you did! ;-))

"Un amor que nunca termina"

It means, "A love that never ends"

Transcending from the first to second?? Isn't that easy after all ........

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


" An article in TOI, spoke about a suicide attempt at Varanasi. The switzerland national, who was drunk , jumped from the third floor of a building. He was badly injured, fracturing, his arms and legs, as he fell on the roof of another building. He claimed, some folks had mentioned to him, that if somone died in that 'city of temples' they would attain 'moksha'. "

How many of you all think he is a 'MORON' ? Okie, so can I safely assume all the rest of you all think he is an 'IMBECILE' ?

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Rain gods ...... are having a "blast". It's a party and my city, seems to be more than happy to play host to them!! Ah ........ !!

The stage is set for the party to begin .......... ;-)

PS : Who says ..... "offices" are conventional?? ;-). One of the buildings at my workplace!
Yes, I said, "my city". :-)

Monday, March 06, 2006


"The last human being, alive, was seated in a room behind closed doors.

He heard a KNOCK on the door."

This is a short story , regarded as SCARY, by many.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Special ??

The day before, during my evening snack break, I noticed a new dish , being listed in the Menu Board of the Food court.

It read ......... Special Mysore Pak.

Well, I am no addict to sweets. But then it was worth a try. The "special" seemed to do the trick. The sweet din't look any special and in fact ...... it tasted much worse !

As i headed back , I hapenned to glance at the menu board again. Well, i noticed it carefully, it actually read ........ "Today's Special : Mysore Pak" .

The 'Today's " was not clear .. thanks to the marker the vendor had used. Well .......... what could I say now .... it was not the "special" anyway .........