Monday, October 31, 2005

Torn ...

The ideology behind some incidents seldom make sense, sometimes!

A 'co ordinated' effort by a team that triggers a chain of bombings leaving more than 70 dead and many injured. A previously unheard off organisation claims 'responsibility' for it!! Damn I hate that word when used in this contect! 'Responsibility', damn ...... if they so wanted to prove their mettle there were other means than an assault on innocent people!!!!

People who were shopping for diwali, people who were just out on the day prior to one of the most celebrated festivals in the nation! Well, enough chances have been given to peace! It dosent seem to be working!!! When countries can cross half the globe to strike at another for harboring a 'few' people ............Damn!!!

"Tornado of souls" was a blog i had commented on a few days ago! "Soul torn in ado" was what I had said on that. The television coverages over a few days have just reiterated the same ............. "Soul ... torn and ado"!!!! :-|

Saturday, October 29, 2005


Many a times, we subconsciously pick up some traits from people we see around us. These traits maybe in the form of habits, gestures, mannerisms or personality traits that we probabaly lack in ourselves but admire those traits anyway.

Sometimes this collection of traits can go a bit far and we make a 'character' out of it. This character is even identified by a name in some cases. This is the 'character' which has all the traits you basically' expect' if somone has to measure up to your expectations. You compare 'real' people and 'evaluate' them to the 'character' you have created. Most times this character tends to score more on the idealistic scale. 'Real' people would obviously not fit or live up to the record scores your 'character' has set.

This 'character' often ends up serving as a check list for the traits you expect in people whom you interact with. You tend to be more prejudiced and feel 'real' people would not be able match up to your 'character'.

The point is the 'character' that you have evolved over time , is just a 'Mirage'. This 'Mirage' should never be allowed to convert itself into a 'Doppelganger'!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Venomous Elixir.

On listening to a particular sound track ... I feel

  • Moved
  • Elated
  • Connected
  • Blatantly manipulated
  • Moody
A mixed bag of emotions. That sound track .... manipulates me!!! Sometimes ..... I wonder why I listen to that track even when I know I would go through this entire cycle again. Maybe its the memories associated with that track. Sigh! It's venomous indeed .... but it seems like elixir. Well 'Venomous Elixir'...... thats exactly what it is!!

Monday, October 24, 2005

What's it like .......

  • To experience bungee jumping.
  • Free fall towards 'terra firma' at 130 kmph a.k.a sky diving.
  • Being the first in every test U have faced.
  • Warm food waiting fo U , when U are back home after a tiring day.
  • Long bike rides accompanied by .......... rain , well .... ofcourse some company wont hurt ;-).
  • Suprise treats thrown by friends .. just like that!
  • To compose an interesting blog everyday. :-)
  • Have Ur blog fans competing against each other to register their comments everyday .... ;-)
  • Watch 4 movies in a day.
  • To play Cricket at 2 am . (Well have played Volley ball at 2 am ;-)).
  • Have friends who never seem to amaze U.
  • Travel one international destination every year.
  • Take an extended sabbatical and just relax .
  • Crack some of the most competitive exams with flying colours.
  • Paragliding .. just fo thrills.
  • To drive a Ferrari f 350, Lambhorgini, Maybach or BMW 7 series.
  • Extended jogs at the beach early morning.
  • Own a Yamaha 350 or well .. though not on the same league ... a R1 .

Well many have been missed out, this list is almost endless.

Friday, October 21, 2005

What if ......

What if the coffee machine is broken ,
you dont't have much work ( er .. I meant.... work)to do and
you want to blog?

The answer is simple, this post. Well I was wondering about some " What if's ...". Sometimes U ponder what happens under some hypothetical situations .....

What if
she is the newest addition my project,
I ask her out and
she agrees?

What if
I move to a new account,
A new technology to work on and
work is mundane?

What if
Its a beautiful Friday,
Its nearing 5 pm and
I am stuck with work?

What if
"Hi, Jay, Remember me ...",
"Hi,X, Wow ... U look wonderful now..." and she says
"I was the one who tied rakhi to U in school ... pehchana nahi?"

What if

I am bored,
Have been writing a stupid post and
Have finally realized it!!

Well folks, guess today was a really off day, i'l try not to post such stuff in future. Have a nice weekend !! Thanks, if U managed to reach till here!! :-|

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Election Vows .....

Democracy, the dictionary describes it as " Government by the people, exercised either directly or through elected representatives". Interesting definition.

Bihar, goes to polls today. Violence, booth capturing, private armies, failure of law and order are all trademarks of what usually happens during the ordeal called General Elections in that state.

Vow, the dictionary defines it as "An earnest promise to perform a specified act or behave in a certain manner, especially a solemn promise to live and act in accordance with the rules".

Well, most of the folks out here are familiar with the election vows, which apparently do not seem to adhere to the definition above.

Well browsing through channels today, I came across this candidate who is contesting from Jehananabad in Bihar on behalf of LJP. In an attempt to bag votes this father of 9 childrean has taken a vow that he would have a tenth child only if he wins this time. What a serious oath!!! I have never come across somone who has ever promised a brigter future to our nation!! Better living and civic amenties can wait. What an oath!!

May his tribe increase!!! ;-)

Friday, October 14, 2005

Sound of Mercy .....

A country that was once a part of this 'nation'. That country,now in the limelight for supporting terrorism and a potent threat to the sovereignity of this nation. The country runs, terrorist camps, a nuclear programme and has deals with a lot of nations who would not like the direction in which this nation is headed!!

Well, all that is said and done. The country's integrity and soverignity should be defended by all means. This post is the rant against all the folks who feel that 'we' should not help 'them' as they are a potential threat to us. Well, disaster strikes are random ( Seismologists may beg to differ .. but lets not get technical) and thus shunning 'them' on these grounds may not be the most right thing to do. Aid to 'them' is no way wrong. Maybe one need not help them financially , as there is a fear that the money may get siphoned to the wrong sources. But some, so called 'educated' were of the opinion that even 'humanitarian' aid should not be provided to this country that has committed 'inhuman' acts!!

SIGH!! Very few people derive a high in 'hitting' their enemy when 'they' are helpless!Atleast, thats what the "BOXING' coach taught me in school!!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Graffiti on a T - shirt.

Graffiti on a T shirt...

" Chai ...... Chai ....... Chai, Chai .. Chai"

Chai .... The National Drink of India. :-).

PS : Well if U felt a lot of blogs are being dedicated to Tea and Coffee ... well i promise to change it! Lemme grab a Coffee meanwhile!

Infini'tea' or 'Java'?

Sunday evenings are normally reserved for relaxing. Well this Sunday was slightly different as I had to keep up an appointment to meet an aquaintance at Cunningham road. As i set out towards it, had evening showers for my company. Driving alone in the rain is the second best thing a guy can ask for. ;-). Anyways ...... the fine drops of rain and a drive on relatively 'empty' Manekshaw road . Wow ...... Incredible.

Location is Reliance Web World at Cunningham road. Awesome net speeds and wonderful ambience , the store is a one stop for shopping, connections, browisng and refreshments. After the showers a hot cappuchino beckoned. Awesome music playing in the background and an inviting ambience, I settled down for sometime ordering a cappuchino. Served with the hot cappuchino came a brochure which read ..... " Before 1900 , word 'java' meant 'nutmeg' ( a spice) and not coffee. In 1723, Bach composed Coffee Cantata. In 1800's heavy tax was imposed on Tea and hence America moved to Coffee, Coffee is an expression of freedom". Interesting, I had my coffee relishing the coffee and the music.

The acquaintance I had to meet was not fond of coffee and wanted a 'tea' joint. Infinitea is a tea joint right opposite of Reliance Web world at Cunnigham road. As we were chatting about a host of topics , he ordered for some Ice tea. In this weather ice tea ... hmm ....I saw a promotional brochure. It reads , " “I don't care about immortality, just the taste of tea.", If you are cold, tea will warm you; if you are too heated, it will cool you; if you are depressed, it will cheer you; if you are excited, it will calm you."Thank God for tea! What would the world do without tea! How did it exist? I am glad I was not born before tea." "There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea."".

Wow .... Infinitea or Java ......... U decide!! Well the first best thing a guy can ask for is to drive in the rain with interesting company!! ;-) What did U think?

Movie Bazzar .....

Working in the financial industry can be quite an ordeal, especially when you work in the Consumer Finance. My dad works in that line. On of the most competitive markets to be in, the pressures these organisations are under are immense. They do provide the loans but the 'defaulters' seem to just enjoy with the money and not pay back.

Infact some of them (defaulters) yield to muscle power to abdicate their terms of payment sometimes. Well, the other day there was a lot of news at my dad's office as one of the defaulters was a much feared anti social element. Anyway with all this conversation fresh in his mind, my dad was on his way back.

A busy junction, traffic choking and carbon monoxide in the air he was waiting for the traffic to inch forward. When ahead he can see a spec coming closer. Infact its a man running. Blood apparently dripping from his shirt, he is being chased by another with a sickle dripping with blood. The victim seems to be running in frantically , the guy behind swinging his sickle without any concern for the others in the way. The whole crowd is shocked but not reacting. The guy dashes my dad's stationary vehicle and runs ahead. Blood dripping all the way. My dad parks the bike to just turn around and see what the problem is. Then suddenly the guy chasing the other stops. The 'victim' stops too. They turn back and walk the opposite way. They seem to be amicably talking and in fact exchanging 'pleasentries' at each other.

As they cross my dad, he confronts one of them and asks what the issue was,

With all smiles one of them says " Saar adhu movie shooting saar. Neevu gabri adhra" with a cynical smile!!!!

PS : The translation ,"Thats a movie shooting, U dont worry".