Monday, February 26, 2007

'Unarmed yet dangerous' Kids .....

Just a second...... before you start judging me that i hate children, for no good reason, hold on!! I am not anything like that .....! What put's me off , are these bunch of over-pampered kids, whose parents think, that their kids swishing and swashing a kitchen knife, dangerously close to you, is actually "cute" !! CUTE??? Damn ...... Guys .. you got to be kidding me ....! (No puns ...!)

You folks do not find that convincing enough? Okie, here goes ....

A family function. Well, those are events where, these brats get the license to kill. You need to curb your instincts to resist from reacting to their provocation. No! No, i am not somone who advocates domestic violence in any form ....! But listen to this .... I was browsing the net for some attractive (read cheap ;-)) air fares , for a cousin of mine who had to travel. A harmless(?!) brat, comes close and flashes a harmless smile. I smile back. He then enquires, very calmly, about air fares for a round trip, to a location in India, where his mom works. The kid, was missing his mother and i could see that ...... I key in the details and tell him the fare ... and carry on with my work. The kid left the scene and in a brief while ..... i can hear a lot of howls ..... ! Surprised ... i get out to see .. and there i see this same harmless kid ...... fallen on the floor and wailing .... big time. All my relatives had assembled around him and instead of resisting him from putting on a show, they were sympathising with him .... ! The entire fuss was because his dad had apparently dismissed his idea, of wanting to travel, as his mom would be coming down in a week. If you are wondering, why, i *hated* the kid for this, when i need to be sympathising .... huh? Well, the entire family turned against me they felt i *was* the reason ...... he was so frantic! They felt i had incited him by giving him all the details .....! Damn! You decide ........

Yeah, that was one of them. Dismissing, the above as an one off case, i carried on with my life.That was until yesterday. At my place, we have rented out one of the portions in the first floor. The family living in that is of the quiet kinds and i am not somone who goes out of my way to make friends. Thus, i know, they exist and they are a family of three ,including a kid, aged about four. Yesterday happenned to be this kid's birthday. His parents have invested in a Digital Camera, a new Canon S2 IS. They had some issues, with the same, as it wasn't booting. Since, I am a proud owner of S2 IS myself, and i had encountered a similar issue, when i had purchased mine ... (Vasanth, stop smirking ;-)), my dad had recommended my name to them, as somone who could help them with their problem. I am not somone who offers help unsolicited . This was different, here the parents wanted to capture, their son's 5 birthday celebrations, so i decided to go out and help them. At their place, there was frantic activity, in inviting me as i had never been to their place, and then i saw this brat, winking at me! He came running into me and in order to avoid, a possible collision, i elevated him. (Huff ..) . I went, in putting on my "debugger hat", to resolve any Canon IS related issue ...... , the parents went in to bring, their brand new camera. As they placed the camera at the table, the pressure cooker shrieked..... getting them onto panic mode as they rushed into the kitchen. The grandparents were in the other room ... now that seems like a setting, where i could work in peace right? No ....! There was this brat, watching me closely. That's when it happenned. He came rushing to the table, forced himself, to open that camera from its pack, and in a split second, as he attempted to click ........ dropped it ............. down .....................!!!! :O :O :O :O !! I mean .. there i was .... shell shocked ... i mean ....there we no witnesses to what happenned here .... and as i took the camera, i tried to boot it and ..... splashed the error message, on the LCD scree, "Error - Unable to retract lens". His parents came rushing out and they saw the camera in my hands .... and as i tried to say, that the kid had dropped it ... the kid started tp claim that he was not even close to me ... and starts crying and they start cuddling him ...........! Then, they look at me and say ... "These kind of things happen .. "! I mean ... what is that? I did'nt do it! I am not trying to defend by saying the kid should be punished ....... but what's with the ... "my-kid-is-an-angel" thing ....??! Huh!

These are just two episodes .... there have been many such ........! Huh! Kids ... may look unarmed ..... but if you thought .. that they aren't dangerous .......... do so at your own risk ...... :D

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A world without .....

I see ..........

A world without any prejudices.

A world without any boundaries.

A world without any discrimination.

A world without any fascism.

A world without any bias.



Ah ... that's right .....! I am asleep !

Thanks ... for waking me up ... reality .........

Friday, February 09, 2007

Intelligence ..... ?

Stumbled across, an article by Isaac Asimov, on intelligence.

We, always associate academic brilliance as an absolute measure of intelligence. Well, tasks that are seemingly, simple, sometimes manage, to fuss us. Intelligence itself, should be evaluated in perspective. Cricketing Intelligence, driving intelligence, academic intelligence, Verbal intelligence ..... and so on. The list can just go on .......

Link availed from : Thomas Kyte's Blog.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

'Light' year ahead ........

Light, is an electromagnetic radiation of any wavelength, is a pretty insipid definition, i would say. The term light, in itself triggers a multitude of emotions, in us. Like .......









Light, when incident on a prism, reveals it's true colours ;-).
Just how true, is that? ;-).

Many Happy returns to the light in my life :-).

Have a bright year ahead.