Monday, December 05, 2005

"Drawn" to a line!

A lecturer in the Mechanical Engineering department, is no mean achievment. You have to have been a seargent in Hitler's army in your previous stint on earth (and haven't lost those traits, yet) or University of Timbuctoo is working on you to just see the critical levels of stress that human beings can subject fellow human beings too. ( Actually not all of them fit under this description, but a "select" few , definitely do).

Machine Drawing. One of the finest subjects, I have come across. This subject , aids an "engineer" to communicate in the "langauge of mechanical engineers" i.e. Engineering Drawing. Material conventions, "Projections","Different Views" (jargon unavoidable), the subject was indeed interesting ...... until that day I came across Lect 1.

The assignment on "Universal Swivel Bearing", for the folks from other streams .. .. it is one of the difficult assignments, to complete with all the "conditions met" . I had reached home late, also Brazilian Grand Prix was being telecast. Leaving behind all that I worked on that assignment as I had heard a lot about "Lect1". The next day after 7 hours of painstaking efforts the previous night, i submitted the assignment to Lect1. With no comments, right away, from him on submission, I headed back. I was even wondering if people were spreading "malicious" rumours about him being "sadistic".

The class was about to be dismissed, when he called over my name. I headed to his desk, where he was "evaluating" my assignment. Excerpts from the interaction

Lect 1 : What's your name?
Me : X
Lect1 : How does it appear on the register?
Me : (!!) Er .... that would be X.S
Lect1 : But U have written X in this sheet.

( Unbelievable expression .. on my face .. No words to explain the reaction on my face )

Me : Er ....... ??!!
Lect1: Since you have not written your full name on the sheet I can't award you any marks for this sheet.
Me : What?

(As I watched in disbelief, the red pen went across the "white" sheet )

Lect1 : U get 0/ 10 for the sheet. ( Smiles)

( He looks at me and then gives a sinister grin and goes on to change 0/ 10 to ZERO/ 10.)


Khushi said...

:-O :-O :-O :-O :-O :-O,
he must be a real,
:-B :-B :-B :-B :-B :-B

Jay said...


If words could completly express what i felt that day ....

Vikram said...

What a jerk! I wonder if ZERO has a different meaning than 0 :D

Devil's own said...

I completely understand.. i've come accross such sadistic beings disguised as teachers in my college. They'd deprive you of marks even on the few assignments you somehow decide to submit for things that don't even qualify as a reason! heard that line "you're only alive because it is illegal to kill"?... well it is in these situations that i realise the depth of such statements :D
see ya
keep posting!

Jay said...


Well I thought he were more devious. If U award 0/10 then people can manipulate it to 10/10 .. but if U award ZERO .. U elimnate it!

#Devil's own,

There area lot of such elements out there!

Pallavi said...

Oh noooooooo! ok next time dont forget to write the whole thing on the paper!

Jay said...


Yeah :-). But this was around 4 years back. Its been almost two years since I kissed Engg good bye!

Shikha said...

He replaced 0 with zero??rubbing salt on the wound..

Jay said...


Yeah thats exactly what he did!

nuttysocrates said...

ah Davis sir was a weirdo ... he used to take attendance to empty classes

Jay said...


Yeah Vas! He is the guy! Wanted to keep his name out .... But what the heck!

praks said...

talking abt him , i remember we had him take the first 3 classes of MES and i v heard ppl with stories like they ve scored 1.67 out of 10!! for assnmts.

and also what abt the everyday grey sweater even on the hottest of days..:-))haha

Jay said...


Join the Brigade!Man .. yeah the sweater during all the seasons! Milan is fuming! :-)