Monday, December 12, 2005

Jay's Cuisine

A few years back ..... was when I realized that I had an alternative career option as a "Chef" ! It all hapenned when a small group I was a part of, dared me to "cook". Ah .... that was the moment !

The dinner was suppossed to contain,
Starters - Tomato soup and Samosa (Don't give that puzzled look, the decision was unanimous on deciding that ;-))
Main course - roti's, paneer (masala Dry), veg biriyani, raitha and
Desserts - Cocunut Burfi ( Well .... that was something, which I was really confident I could pull it off and thats the reason it was chosen).

Yeah, so each one had his task cut out. We took a break and decided to meet in the evening with our delicacies. The dinner was on to be hosted at Sujee's terrace , which was being decked up for this evening!

Cocounut burfi. Well it all seemed very easy when I chose that. A quick check with my mom regarding the recipe .(:P, No! Thats not against the rules , I did "make" it on my own).

Requirements :
2 Medium sized Cocunuts ( Depends on Number of ppl U need to serve),
3 Bowls Sugar
Essence (Vanilla Flavoured) and
Culinary Skills. :-)

Mode : Grate the cocunuts, patiently. It is essential, U keep your cool. Cocunuts do not grate at the pace U want. Transfer the contents to a dish. Fry the cocunut gratings till they reach golden brown. Parallely, you could have a dish with sugar syrup being heated at medium flame. Once the gratings are fried, transfer them to the sugar syrup. Kindle. When, you feel that the contents are "mixed" properly (This comes out of EXPERIENCE, :D), then transfer the contents to a tray. Allow it to cool. Once it is cooled sufficiently, then cut them in the shape of rhombuses or ..... any shape U feel like. Ur Cocunut Burfi is ready!!

Serve : Serve with a small amount of fresh coconut gratings as topping!

Chef Jay now serves it to members at his home! People who look really shocked , suprised and scared that they were being used as "subjects" to experiment, smile on tasting it!!

Yeaaaaaah! I had completed my task. I had "COOKED" a dish all by myself and everyone at home relished it!!!!

It was indeed a "memorable" dinner. But if the folks who were a part of the dinner are reading this ......

Starters - Verdict - Good!

Sujee, how did ya manage to make a few samosas, round? Er .. What were they? Tasted good though!

Main course (Part I) - Verdict - Awesome!

Rahul - Great work indeed . BHM degree has not gone for a waste after all!

Main course (Part II) - Verdict - Average!

Raghu - Rice doused inb Soya Sauce??!

Desserts - Verdict - Awesome!

Well, I havent rigged the results! Try the dish the way I have mentioned and you get back to me! Well, if you have messed it up big time .. then you know whom to blame. Well, everyone can't have the culinary skills of Jay!

Did the simple recipe look, too robust ? Thats intentional! :p!


Khushi said...

uhhhh uhhhhh!!!!!!
Tussi gr8 ho ji!!!!!

Jay said...


Taste karne ke liye .. lucky hona chahiye. Sab kuch, Count (Purva janam punya) ka factor hai :D

chitra said...

More interested in the state of the kitchen after all this experimentation :) .

Shikha said...

i just love cocnut burfee..i love anyhting with coconut in it..btw when do you add vanilla essence?

Canary said...

me bak after a sabbatical..!
hws u..
by the way, am at (just realized the 'g' in between was missing from the previous name..! :p)

Jay said...


A good soldier, takes care of his weapons. So .... a good chef .. takes care of his 'tools' and his 'kitchen'!


Ah .. I see. U need to add that in the "mixing" phase! ;-)


Enjoyed Ur sabbatical?

Deepa said...

Java day's out at Kitchen !!!!
Intresting ;o)

Anurama said...

who did all the cleaning ;) i have had the trouble of cleaning when my brother tries out (?) something of this sort :)

Pallavi said...


Jay said...


Well ... well another terrain conquered! :D

Er .. nope. As i mentioned earlier I did not leave my evidences in the 'scene'. Ah, how I wish I had U as my elder sis .. ;-)



Vikram said...

awesome's been a loooonng time i had all that..:(

Jay said...


Ur taste buds shud have become '(un)comfortably numb' by now! SIGH! :-)

Pink Floyd rocks! :D

praks said...

"Grate the cocunuts, patiently. It is essential, U keep your cool. "

lol..haha..i know how that feels!

Jay said...


:D. Yeah right!

Gangadhar said...

So yummy.....

Jay said...


Ah .. U tried?! :D