Thursday, December 29, 2005

Okie ... Fine!

Well, I am no expert on Venusians. Er .... well, that's what one famous book calls them. Infact, I don't know them that well at all. But yeah, they can indeed communicate the same language you speak and yet communicate differently!

You dont believe me??! Okie Fine.

Just sample the different meanings this phrase, "Okie Fine" can imply, when used by them.

#1 . Martian not able to make it to a particular venue on time. Excerpt

Martian : Hey ...... I guess I won't be able to make it on time.
Venusian : Okie Fine.

( Implied meaning by the Venusian. "Damn! I'll ensure I shall ditch U next time!!").

#2 . Martian misses to pick a gift on some significant occassion (Risky one).

Martian : Oops , man ..... its your birthday today , right?! :O
Venusian : You forgot? Okie fine.

(Implied meaning ..... " Yeah right! I knew it ,U would do that! Sheesh, U are a #%#%". Addition of any more words with "Okie Fine" indicates criticality)

#3. Martian discussing a lot about his work.

Martian : Yeah, it started with some proposal and then after three conferece calls and some changes to the design , i was really going to clinch that deal.

Venusian : Okie fine (:-))

( The "Okie fine" with a smile is a very dicey situation.U have crossed the limits of her tolerance . Corrective action to be taken immediately. Change the topic).

#4 . Martian explains his side of the story.

Martian : U know what, U were wrong. I told you not to do that!
Venusian : Okie fine (:-()

(Implied meaning ........ "You're finished buddy!! Even if I am a fraction right time round")

#5. A new wardrobe being chosen. Seven already scanned.

Martian : Hey can we pick this stuff?
Venusian : Hmm .... Okie ..... Fine!

(Implied meaning " I really think that is not the right choice. But U seem to be insisting!!! U are being so impatient that I am just accepting to "that" choice of urs! Sheesh how 'insensitive' :O )

So U see , the same phrase can induce different meanings when uttered by Venusians!



senorita said...

okie fine (:-)) (:-() ;-)

Khushi said...

herez one more...
okiiieeeeee..... FFFFINE!!!!!!!
*raised eyebrows and eyes wide open*

(Implied Meaning... Buddy, U R dead for making such a post about ppl of my clan...)

PS: ;-)

Jay said...


Ah .. I did expect U to leave a comment very identical to that! ;-). (One of the Venusians atleast :-)).


I am shivering here! Please don't hurt me!

(Huh!! What audacity, to threaten me in my blog!!)

Deepa said...

Martian (jay):comments on post
Venusian (Deepa):u r 100% right jay ...
(Action:Big punch on his face)

divya said...

Martian (jay):comments on post
Venusian :u r 100% right jay ...
(Action:Big punch on his face)

After the big punch

with a venusian hovering around, what does jay have to say?

Surely it must be 'Okie,fine' ?? :)

Khushi said...

//(Action:Big punch on his face)
I told you... ;-)

Deepa said...

Way to go !!!

Jay said...


Ah .. Really??! I am scared now!


Simulation was a core subject in ur stream is'nt it?


Ah .. that was such a helpful warning! Thank U. U just saved my life!


Groupism outside Scintillations please!

senorita said...

Todays Headlines:
A Martian was verbally punched and thrashed by THE Venusians for trying to throw light on a sensitive topic ....
An under cover investigation going on to find out what triggered the martian to write smthing like this and make all THE Venusians go "raised eyebrows and eyes wide open".

abhi abhi khabar mili hain ki yeh martian laapata hain!!!!

we'll be back with more updates on this...This is senorita reporting from VENUS Tv :D

Jay said...


Today's Headlines from an Unbiased Source:

There are rumors surrounding the 'verbal assault and thrashing of a Martian' by folks of a 'certain' community. People are informed not to get carried away as the Martian is still very much around. Martians all round the world have come out in support of the Martian in question. They seem to be heralding him a lot of laurels. He has been celebrated, as he has written about the language of Venusians, a topic that has not been comperehended till now and considered 'taboo' too! Infact the Martian now plans to write on what some other terms like , "Yeah right", "Cool", "I am so happy", ":-)" and all the more, mean when used by Venusians ..... Stay tuned

Jay .... reporting for Unbiased Tv. Please log on to Scintillations to get snippets on this issue!

Unbiased Tv. Smart news for smart people *

*Conditions apply :-)

Khushi said...

//Martians all round the world have come out in support of the Martian in question.

But i see only the one in question defending himself ;-)

Jay said...


Do U see the stars in the morning??! :O. Not that they don't exist ... but ... coz they are blinded when one of them is 'relatively closer' and 'brighter'! :-)

Khushi said...

//coz they are blinded when one of them is 'relatively closer' and 'brighter'! :-)

so u mean to say, all the other martians are 'not-so-bright'?????

Dude!!! you are getting into lots of trouble.... i'm telling u ;-)

Jay said...


Well Venusians also miss the point now! WHOA! Some just go the extra length ... SIGH!

Dudette ..... I can manage! Thanks for the warning!

Er .. 'Dudette' !! Well .... Friday's I go an extra mile ..!

senorita said...

welcome back after a short break.....

FLASH NEWS: The Venusianally verbally assaulted and thrashed Martian is admitted to ICU this time for enlightening the janta more about the well known fact of Martians not being bright!

Docs are not allowing anybody to catch the glimpse of this "relatively closer" and "brighter" (rare) Martian fearing Martial attack(Bacterial attack by Martians is called Martial attack).

senorita will be back with more updates on this very soon... :D

shruthi said...

Since when have the martians become sensitive to 'ok, fine' syndrome?? After all they are used to getting their own ways most of the time, so this should really be 'ok, fine' with them!!

If the martians are becoming sensitive and reading between lines then i must say this is good news for all venusians coz they dont have to say 'ok fine' anymore ;-) In that case both the martians and the venusians can meet midway -on the earth :)

But will it ever happen?? :)

Khushi said...

I told you... ;-)

PS: wow! I'm loving it :D

Jay said...


Information and Brodcasting Ministry has learnt to have issued a warrant against a certain Senorita, a 'journalist' from a lesser known Venus Tv. She was trying to mislead 'her' enlightened audience to the fact that a ceratin well known ( thanks to scintillating efforts of some Venusians) martian was being affected. The search is on for nabbing her.

The Commissioner has assured ... " We will nab people who spread such malicious rumours" He had his fists clenched!

Jay is having a close 'tab' on this case .....:D

(PS : Martial attack? I guess Martians more fear the Marital attack :P)

@ Shruti,

Ah ... whenever someone really tries to understand what is really implied, they are "reading between lines"??!:O. Martians are used to getting their own way??! I guess we are wavering into a 'risk' zone! The tone ... of the post has to be viewed in perspective! Sensitive??! Er .... well it was an attempt, but I guess such encouraging words are bogging down any more such attempts! :-)

{PS : Welcome to Scintillations :-))

senorita said...

Good Afternoon folks...this is senorita reporting right from office of Information and Brodcasting Ministry.

The office of "some" Unbiased Tv situated in "some" part of the city is reported to have washed away along with its single reporter soul as a result of the attack by the disatstrous senoRITA hurricane!!!!
Report says that this can be a case of mercy suicide as this reporter was dreading a mar'i'tal attack.

2-minutes silence for the Unbiased TV "crew"

TV screen goes blank.....
Message appears:Cable TV Indefinite strike :D

Jay said...


Good Day to all the folks who still have atleast an ounce and more of truth and atleast a gallon and more of urge for an unbiased world ......Er.. attributes of Unbiased Tv audience !

The Unbiased "Reporter" ( Puns intended ) is all fine! Huh! He has survived the predecessor of Rita's. Infact he has survuived them all, the Andrews, Wilma's and Katrina's! Truth will always prevail!

Marital attack??! Er .... I guess they are'nt mutually exclusive! ;-)

Well peace will arise on Senorita's silence, is what Tony was quoting in an exclusive interview to Unbiased!

Cable Tv may go on strike, now we have reached the cyberworld, and ur mobiles! Ha ..... U can hide the truth but it will arise, like a phoenix from ashes!

PS: Senorita ... tired eh? :p

aknowkneemoose said...

Whoa. the comments have more words in em than the actual post itself!

Where're the so-called Martian junta who're defending Jay? All I see here are Jay's comments and comments from the ladies, like has been observed earlier!

Perhaps Jay ought to understand that he'd better not mess with the Venuses, eh? ;)

Jay said...


Et tu ...??! SIGH! I am lone warrior ..... and U being in my army ..... SIGH!!!

chitra said...

Ha ha ha ROTFL... too good comments ROTFL :):)!!

Jay said...