Monday, December 26, 2005

Go 'Fida' !!!!

Christmas, a festival of sharing. The carols, festivities, cakes and merriment ....ah ..... One can always sense Christmas in the "air"! ;-).

The Christmas tree, Santa Claus .. and people dressed in shades of red and white! The festival had finally arrived! One of the plans this weekend was reserved for meeting a few friends and catching a movie with them.

Garuda Mall. A new address , where 'Shopper's Stop'! ;-). The mall located off Magrath Road has been groomed keeping the urban buying spree in the background. Yes it has it all from multiplexes, food courts and a range of outlets covering apparels to footwear. Did U "SIGH!" and ask , "A typical mall??! ". Well .. yeah , thats what it is! :-)

Abishek Bacchan has been roped in to promote Ford Fiesta! The fan following that Abishek, seems to have garnered, owing to success of his flicks, seems to be IMMENSE. That brings us to the point of this post ..........

A car parked in the center of the mall. A large hoarding of Junior B. Two posters of Junior B, life size placed next to the car. Now is the contest. The compere announces that he is about to conduct a contest which has an "awesome" reward! One has to say "Go Fida" as many times possible,within a minute. One of "contestants" goes forward ... " Go Fida ..Go Fida . Go FidaGoFidaGoFida" ... he goes. At the end of a minute, the crowd wait with baited breath. Yes, our man has made it. He has recited "Go Fida" a 151 times. ( Somone actually counted it! Damn!). The compere announces, " Ah.. we have a winner. Your prize is , U Can picture Ur self with Abishek Bacchan's poster"!!!! Did you say WHAT???!!! ( Yes!! That was my reaction tooo!!! U are better off . I was at the venue!!) . The "winner" is overjoyed and goes ahead and pictures himself with the poster!! Well, ladies and gentlemen it was not just him, there were arleast 15 people I saw do that in about 2 hours I spent in the mall!

Well adoration to this extent ........ Abishek must be wondering!! Whether people go fida over Ford Fiesta or not, is debatable but they do "Go Fida' for sure!!!

Man .. what a prize!!!!


Khushi said...

what the #$#%!$^@^@$%!,

PS: But AB's Baby looks damn good in Go fidaaaaaaaaaa............. ;-)

educatedunemployed said...

Ok Im a huge fan too and I'd sigh at any sight of AB Baby..but thaaaat I would not do..Whats with the star frenzy??that too a poster!!!???

Jay said...


Yeah exactly!


Thats right, I mean adoration to this degree!

Casablanca said...

Hahahaha... some people are crazy! When I went to Empire State Building, they offered to take my photo with King Kong's poster, for a mere 15 dollars! I was like.. WTF????

Jay said...

# Casa,

WHOA! There are ppl of that community everywhere! :)

Gangadhar said...

joyful post,Jay!!

Jay said...