Friday, December 09, 2005

Hitchhiking on a Time Machine? Why?!!

A typical day,here, ends with folks wishing you 'Bon Voyage'. No .... not that we are embarking on some pioneering journey around the world. We are just leaving office to head back home. The traffic jams indeed make it a long journey back.

Someday your only respite is the local radio station, as most of your colleagues are fast asleep after their 'ordeal' . The programs being aired on radio sometimes wish you craving for more choice as monotony creeps in. As all these thoughts , keep running in the background, I notice the reflection of the clock. Time ...... seems to be moving back. (Yeah, U guessed it, I've had a tough day at work ;-). Okie stop that smile!! )

Well, I have heard some of them 'long' to go back to a certain time in their life where they consider themselves to have been 'very happy'! Well ... why would someone want to just go back to the time they were 'happy' and just stay there? In life we come across many experiences and not all of them render the same 'feeling'.Well, thats how the package is, and that's its beauty! Also, you attach a special significance to that 'time' because, you have probably faced not so 'happy' moments later. Well ... if you were in the same 'happy' time frame, would you still attach the same significance to 'that time'? Well, I guess one wouldn't. Also, you may encounter experiences in future which may teach you that your 'absolute' itself is 'relative'!! One would be able to appreciate events and experiences only when they are viewed in perspective.

You get one shot , one life and one oppurtunity to make a difference i.e to lead a life. Why would you want to keep going back to just a time frame? Why do you want to hitchhike on a time machine and go back to 'that time' ? Why??!



Khushi said...

we either crib about yesterday or worry about tomorrow, forgetting we a TODAY to enjoy :-/

Anurama said...

Our life is ruled by our choices.. So, dont you have the curiosity to go 'back' and try 'the other road' that you hadnt taken earlier?

Jay said...


Yeah that was the message. :-)


Well, but does going back and staying there mean taking the other road?