Tuesday, November 22, 2005

A tale of tagging.

Yes, finally I fall prey to the TAG. Aknowkneemoose, has tagged me this time. What? Suprised? Oh wait till you see the name of his blog. :-)

Here it goes,

Seven Things I plan to do (not in any particular order):

1) Experience Free Fall ( Probably in the form of Bungee Jumping or Sky diving. Wow, approaching 'terra firma' at 160 kmph . It should be quite exhilarating. Tom Petty's ,'Free Falling' that currently playing on my system has nothing to do with this).

2) Visit Venice and Rome ( Have been fascinated by these places since time immemorial. Ofcourse, not alone. Okie stop that sneer.)

3) Drive a Lambhorgini, Ferrari , BMW 7 series, Maybach, Hummer (Huh? Ofcourse I meant one at a time. Yeah, the best in their class and probably buy one of them ;-)).

4) A Startup

5) Stage ( Always loved that. Theatre ........ yeah its awesome).

6) To attempt some of the craziest things. ( Plan to visit Gulmarg, in winter does not qualify as one :-), Cricket at 2 am .... Hmm maybe you could. )

7) Adopt a Child .

Seven things I can do :

1) Graphology. ( Yeah , still a novice, but its interesting).

2) Get the party going.

3) Start with baking a cake and end up with hot chocolate that tastes awesome (yeah did that once. I am sure, you will stop smiling once you do taste that hot chocolate).

4) Act on stage.

5) Pun ( Quite a lot)

6) Write short stories.

7) Watch Matrix again though I remember the movie frame by frame.

Seven things I can't do:

1) Salsa Dance (Don't worry folks ... I am making attempts to improve that :p)

2) Cook ( Attempted it a few times, but results are quite disastrous. What? U smiled? I atleast accepted that I cook bad ... Huh?! ;-)).

3) Bartending Stunts (Yeah that was after watching Cocktail. Keep the jeers coming! :-)).

4) Skate ( Roller Skates ..... Never got a hang on that. I got to hang on to all the rest of the stuff on the roads though).

5) Follow a sport without passion. ( Yeah F1 and Cricket).

6) Quench a desire to annoy freinds by calling them at weird times (No, thats not a prank :-)).

7) Rafting ( Going to give it another try in 10 to 15 days ..... Hopefully I do well this time :-)

People I tag :

Well most of the folks in the Blogsphere i know have already been tagged. Thus, I would leave it optional for the folks I tag here.
1) Vasanth
2) Vikram
3) Kushi
4) Jyo
5) Ashwin
6) Well anyone else who are actually interested but I forgot to tag U , and you are reading this.


Khushi said...

can do:

// 3) Start with baking a cake and end up with hot chocolate that tastes awesome

can't do:

// 2) Cook ( Attempted it a few times, but results are quite disastrous.

hmmmm ;;)

PS: Grrrrrrrrrrrrr for tagging me..

Jay said...


Baking maybe ... just maybe classifed as a subset of cooking! Thus, one may excel in subset but when it comes to the big picture ...... SIGH! :-)

Vanathi said...


Vikram said...

//4) Act on stage.

Really??! ;)

Dude, you had to tag me huh?! That's two tags in three days. Sheesh. :D

aknowkneemoose said...

I too was wondering as to what was with the paradoxical statements you've written that khushi's mentioned. But your mathematical reasoning is flawless! :D

7) adopt a child. that's interesting.

5) pun (quite a lot) we got something in common, dude!

7) watch the matrix... ditto previous observation

2) visit venice and rome hmmm... perhaps I'll get to be a stowaway, after all! ;)

As for my alias, it means a/know/knee/moose, in case I haven't told you before :D I know it's a pretty convoluted way to say I'm anonymous! As for my blog's title... I'm sure the first post tells all there is to tell :D

aknowkneemoose said...

Hey, why are you referred to as 'Java' in Vasanth Krishna's blog? Either it's a typo, or you/he are/is a Java-addict! :D

Jay said...


Thanks for stopping by.


Yeah dude, U don't believe me?!

Convoluted it sure is! Java is not a typo :-)

Shikha said...

Experience Free Fall
Never wanna that!