Saturday, November 12, 2005

On a day like today ....

# 5 50 AM
Alarm goes "HMMM .....HMMMM .....HMMM" .... Snooze turned on.

(Oops the last song I listened to is still lingering on ....... :-))

# 6 20 AM
Reapeat the same procedure everytime the alarm goes.

#6 30 AM
Enlightment dawns ....... "The bus is at 7 10 am!!!"

# 6 31 AM
Action begins ......

Cut to the chase ....

# 7 10 AM
Realize i am going to be late , zip accross the loaclaity on my bike and reach the bus stop. Sheesh bus is late today!

#7 28 AM

# 7 30 AM
SMS friends on the way to office.As i look around, a colleague is playing 'Solitaire' on his laptop, another head banging to a old hindi track being played on the radio (mobile) (:O) , another eagerly 'reading' Page 3 in Times, one solving the SUDOKU, one narrating, how worse her Project Manager is to her friend through her mobile, ( I guess she should use her mobile to communicate to her friend, the whole bus seems to know about her PM now), a few with their Economic Times, two discussing how a 'technical' issue has to be resolved and majority of the 'workaholics' sleeping.

# 8 10 AM
Reach office, A bicycle ride . (Bicycles on campus are a better means to commute. Eco Friendly and a mini workout guarantee)

# 8 20 AM
Microsoft Outlook unveils the startling news of , the logistics issue I am expecting to have been resolved overnight has not been. Sheesh! What a waste of time its gonna be today!!!!!

# 9 AM
Frantic attempts to contact the System admin in US. Alas, too late. He has left for the day.

# 9 05 AM
Contemplate how JOBLESS its gonna be today!!

# 9 15 AM
Blog hop, Justice being done to the forwards recieved, replies sent to the ones with intriguing questions, Yahoo Messenger, MSN.

# 5 00 PM
Bad news folks ..... the loop in which the above seems to be hapenning is scary!

# 5 30 PM
Decide whether to blog this?
Decision made!

Okie .....I am bored too! On a day like today (Bryan Adams, my treatement of 'On a day like...' is so different from Urs ) ........ hope I never have a day like this at work again!! :-|


aknowkneemoose said...

Why don't you enable the captcha stuff on the blog?

My day too was somewhat similar. All I've done all day long is talk gibberish in a manner no one could understand I was talking gibberish.

Jay said...

Yeah have done that,now!

Well yeah .. what a 'hectic' day it has been. It was 'demanding' in its own way!

aknowkneemoose said...

Hey! your TAT for enabling the captcha is faster than that of Shikha's! Hmmm... I see a new law coming... I'll call it Aknowkneemoose's Law of TATs:

"The TAT of a blogger heeding another blogger's suggestion(s) is inversely proportional to the tasks assigned to him/her at work." :D

Of course, there are exceptions. (There's gotta be exceptions! Else all the physicists would denounce such a law! :D) I'm a major one. I was assigned some task. Hasn't made sense to me yet. So I choose to ignore it :D

How come anonymous comments aren't allowed? It's like you're striking a knife in the hearts of my brethren! ;)

Jay said...

Is it? Well, one should be faithful to the profession one is in. In my case ... blogging. So that explains the TAT. Shika learn from this!!!....(Mr Modesty is on leave today)

Yeah right. If U have a huge task at hand, follow what my 'mentor' has mentioned i.e. Break the task into really small components and look at each one of them and say, 'Do i really care'!! :D

Well .. shall do more justice to ur brethern next time round! ;)

Mriganayanii said...

thanks for dropping by my blog and for the comment.
this is a funny account

Shikha said...

all my days other than saturdays and sundays start like this..i start pressing the snooze button at 7 and it goes on till 8..and the cold weather doesnt help a bit

Vanathi said...