Friday, November 25, 2005

Masked for Life.

It was the December of '97 . I was one of the few folks who were selected in a state wide Talent hunt to particpate in a Youth festival held at Jigani, Bangalore.

Jigani, i should mention is about 40 kms from Bangalore and is indeed beautiful. This facility was amidst lush green fields, a trekking section and tranqulity . :-). The camp had a diverse group. Camping, trekking, collage, pottery, art, music and stage, were the activities that were to be covered over our period of stay. The overall exercise and the exposure we had is almost etched in an indelible state of my mind. One of the exercises we involved in was called MASK and the process was roughly as discussed in this site, ofcourse excluding the spooky special effects that this site also goes on to describe.

At the end of the exercises each one was supposed to talk about their learnings from that exercise. One of them from my group remarked,

" This exercise taught us something what we all do subconsciously. We all wear a MASK. ".

It was apoint which most of us had missed indeed.

We all wear a MASK.

The bard , in his play, "As You Like It" , rightly said .......

"All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players:
They have their exits and their entrances;"

Ah .... he was right!


Khushi said...

//We all wear a MASK.

hmmm mostly YES!!!!!

Canary said...

i share your craze for theatre.. thinking of becoming an extra coz i don think il get a main part :p

thnx for droppin in at my blog..

Vikram said...

How do we know we are wearing a mask? Aren't we judging ourselves by thinking so?

Made any sense?

aknowkneemoose said...

We all wear a mask This reminds me of the the movie, The Mask. There's a scene in the movie where Jim Carrey (playing Stanley Ipkiss) watches a dude on T.V. say the same line.

Jay said...

# Kushi,

Yeah thats right.

#Astha ,

Oh sure !


Well, many a times we manipulate our emotions and fake waht wer are thinking. Is'nt that wearing a mask?

# Aknowknee,

Yeah, thats right!

Sujatha said...


Off topic comment.

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Also, the meeting with Akshara is set up for December 3rd (Saturday) at 4 pm.

Vikram said...

//many a times we manipulate our emotions and fake waht wer are thinking

As long as you are sure you are doing it. Adapting to a new situation wouldn't mean you are wearing a mask. Right? I'm just trying to clear my doubts on this issue.

Jay said...


Adapting to a new situation is not wearing a mask. Masking an emotion is when U "feel" something, but ur face reveals something else.

Situ 1 : U deserved a hike / benefit coz of the efforts U have put in. X is given that instead. U feel disappointed , but U just walk up and just pass on ur "best wishes". Would that be "masking" or "adapting"?

Vikram said...

Hmm...interesting situation. Under those circumstances you might call it "masking" but I would call it "professionalism". You might argue that it means the same but think about it, it doesn't mean the same.

And, don't get me wrong buddy. I'm not critizing what you said in your post. :)

Jay said...


Yeah, that just one Example. That could be called "professionalism", alright.
Moving away from the corporate world,

Situ 2 : U strive hard to get "something", but Ur buddy wins it. U are disappointed with urself for not getting "something" but U wud still .. not reaveal that to ur buddy "sometimes". U wud "mask" ur emotions then right? Well, yeah U cud say u are adapting to the situation, but .. at that point when U know that U "lost", and the person who "won" is ur buddy too ...... I guess U "mask".

"And, don't get me wrong buddy. I'm not critizing what you said in your post. :)"

Hey thats cool man! :-)

Vikram said...

Yeah, I understand what you mean. I guess wearing a "mask" is a part of everyone's life (like you said). Sometimes "masks" helps keep the kinship alive.

Jay said...

# Vik,

Right! Sometimes its essential U "mask"ur true feelings or opinions in an issue.

Casablanca said...

Ah, couldnt agree more! Infact I mentioned it on one of my recent posts... and I was wondering if one day we'll remove the mask and find our real face gone... scary, aint it?

Jay said...


Yeah that is a scary situation to be in!

Live said...

You can call it a Mask, but thats how every person is - situations, relationships and several other factors make you behave differently with different people. If you can get to the other person's mind and soul, if you can put yourself in that person's shoes, if you for once can stop being pessimistic about that person's intentions, then you might not find the 'mask' a 'mask' at all.

Jay said...

We all use some or the other sort of Mask to hide our emotions, feelings, intent etc. If U notice clearly, the article was'nt taking a pessimistic path as U had assumed, It was just talking about masking being an integral part of our lives!