Monday, October 24, 2005

What's it like .......

  • To experience bungee jumping.
  • Free fall towards 'terra firma' at 130 kmph a.k.a sky diving.
  • Being the first in every test U have faced.
  • Warm food waiting fo U , when U are back home after a tiring day.
  • Long bike rides accompanied by .......... rain , well .... ofcourse some company wont hurt ;-).
  • Suprise treats thrown by friends .. just like that!
  • To compose an interesting blog everyday. :-)
  • Have Ur blog fans competing against each other to register their comments everyday .... ;-)
  • Watch 4 movies in a day.
  • To play Cricket at 2 am . (Well have played Volley ball at 2 am ;-)).
  • Have friends who never seem to amaze U.
  • Travel one international destination every year.
  • Take an extended sabbatical and just relax .
  • Crack some of the most competitive exams with flying colours.
  • Paragliding .. just fo thrills.
  • To drive a Ferrari f 350, Lambhorgini, Maybach or BMW 7 series.
  • Extended jogs at the beach early morning.
  • Own a Yamaha 350 or well .. though not on the same league ... a R1 .

Well many have been missed out, this list is almost endless.


Vikram said...

//Free fall towards 'terra firma' at 130 kmph a.k.a sky diving.

Will let you know soon buddy! I'm planning on sky diving, just making sure I get to the right flight academy.:)

Jay said...

Yo Viks! Thats cool! Do let us know about the school. I am just waiting to experience smthng like that!

Vikram said...

Sure man, will have an entire post dedicated to it. I'll make sure I get a helmet with a camera :)

nuttysocrates said...

see after all tht cribbing u now love our idea of volleyball at 2 am .. which is why I always say listen to ur insane friends

Jay said...

Well ....Vas, U could say so. Maybe somthings in life though it feels like 'building character' at that point, when U sit back and recollect those moments ... nostalgia creeps in! So ....

Khushi said...

what's it like to...
Have friends who never seem to amaze U

. : A : . said...

Excellent list. Looks like you are enjoying!

Jay said...


It's Awesome :-)


I havent experience all those yaar, Have experienced some and will experience most of this in a while ! :-0

PuNeEt said...

thanks for dropping by my Blog...

Hey cool one... I've experienced some of these...

Take care

. : A : . said...

Then you are bound to enjoy!


Sayesha said...

Nice list, Jay! :)

Finally found time to blogroll you, lazy bum that I am! :P