Saturday, October 29, 2005


Many a times, we subconsciously pick up some traits from people we see around us. These traits maybe in the form of habits, gestures, mannerisms or personality traits that we probabaly lack in ourselves but admire those traits anyway.

Sometimes this collection of traits can go a bit far and we make a 'character' out of it. This character is even identified by a name in some cases. This is the 'character' which has all the traits you basically' expect' if somone has to measure up to your expectations. You compare 'real' people and 'evaluate' them to the 'character' you have created. Most times this character tends to score more on the idealistic scale. 'Real' people would obviously not fit or live up to the record scores your 'character' has set.

This 'character' often ends up serving as a check list for the traits you expect in people whom you interact with. You tend to be more prejudiced and feel 'real' people would not be able match up to your 'character'.

The point is the 'character' that you have evolved over time , is just a 'Mirage'. This 'Mirage' should never be allowed to convert itself into a 'Doppelganger'!


Casablanca said...

Well, sometimes we have high expectations of others. Whether they are realistic or not.. does it really matter?

Vikram said...

Classic case of a battle between you and your alter ego...right?

Reminds me of a song - Pink Floyd number...

The lines were "There's someone in my head and it's not me"

Jay said...

Not exactly. Here you make a comparison with the 'ideal' traits you expect in somone to a 'real' somone and therein lies the issue. So.. I guess it does matter.


This blog is generic in nature. Yeah somewhere on those lines!

Khushi said...

errrrrrr, have u named this character jay???? ;-)

Jay said...


Well, call it the 'seasonal'crisis.

Casablanca said...

I mean we will have the expectations anyway... even if we know in our hearts, that we are being unrealistic.
Get it?

Jay said...


Yeah thats right!