Monday, October 31, 2005

Torn ...

The ideology behind some incidents seldom make sense, sometimes!

A 'co ordinated' effort by a team that triggers a chain of bombings leaving more than 70 dead and many injured. A previously unheard off organisation claims 'responsibility' for it!! Damn I hate that word when used in this contect! 'Responsibility', damn ...... if they so wanted to prove their mettle there were other means than an assault on innocent people!!!!

People who were shopping for diwali, people who were just out on the day prior to one of the most celebrated festivals in the nation! Well, enough chances have been given to peace! It dosent seem to be working!!! When countries can cross half the globe to strike at another for harboring a 'few' people ............Damn!!!

"Tornado of souls" was a blog i had commented on a few days ago! "Soul torn in ado" was what I had said on that. The television coverages over a few days have just reiterated the same ............. "Soul ... torn and ado"!!!! :-|

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It is very saddening to see things like this happen during these times.