Monday, October 10, 2005

Movie Bazzar .....

Working in the financial industry can be quite an ordeal, especially when you work in the Consumer Finance. My dad works in that line. On of the most competitive markets to be in, the pressures these organisations are under are immense. They do provide the loans but the 'defaulters' seem to just enjoy with the money and not pay back.

Infact some of them (defaulters) yield to muscle power to abdicate their terms of payment sometimes. Well, the other day there was a lot of news at my dad's office as one of the defaulters was a much feared anti social element. Anyway with all this conversation fresh in his mind, my dad was on his way back.

A busy junction, traffic choking and carbon monoxide in the air he was waiting for the traffic to inch forward. When ahead he can see a spec coming closer. Infact its a man running. Blood apparently dripping from his shirt, he is being chased by another with a sickle dripping with blood. The victim seems to be running in frantically , the guy behind swinging his sickle without any concern for the others in the way. The whole crowd is shocked but not reacting. The guy dashes my dad's stationary vehicle and runs ahead. Blood dripping all the way. My dad parks the bike to just turn around and see what the problem is. Then suddenly the guy chasing the other stops. The 'victim' stops too. They turn back and walk the opposite way. They seem to be amicably talking and in fact exchanging 'pleasentries' at each other.

As they cross my dad, he confronts one of them and asks what the issue was,

With all smiles one of them says " Saar adhu movie shooting saar. Neevu gabri adhra" with a cynical smile!!!!

PS : The translation ,"Thats a movie shooting, U dont worry".

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