Friday, June 30, 2006

Migration ....

Today, it seems as though it is the day of MIGRATION!

Quite a few of them i know are reloicating today.

Divs, a good friend of mine is leaving this weekend. She's somone, with wit and humor in abundance.Most of the conversations we have had can be featured on Humor sections of most publications! The fights, the arguments, the wierd talk (not a typo ... it is that weird :-)) ...................ah ....... she will be missed!

Chitra, another of the rare kind of buddies ..... is relocating too, although for a brief while (?!). An avid blogger, she is spontaneous by nature. Opinionated, strangely funny and humorous, she possess most of the ingredients that would be needed to make a good friend!

A couple of aquaintances are leaving on assignments, this weekend too.

Another, is quitting the firm we work for , and moving on.

It's Migration ..... indeed!


chitra said...

Wow...I am honoured Jay...I really am :D!

Jay said...

Ah ...! :-)

divya said...

Ditto Jay..but the email id still remains (for all entrepreneurial ideas) :)
btw where's the (promised)consolidated list of all the wierd talk?

Jay said...

@Sure div! It's on the way! :-)

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