Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Leveller .....

Airport Road, Bangalore. This picture should go down in history. Wonder, when this was taken, because not even at midnight you would be assured of such a shot, offlate in Airport Road. Intel, Huawei, Sykes, Ness, HAL,Reuters,NAL,Texas Instrumentation...... work out of offices along this road, resulting in bumper to bumper traffic. Do these trees still exist there?

Ah, if Airport Road were a star , welcome to its galaxy. Hosur road. Electronic City the hub of IT firms lies along this road. Needless, to explain more, picture is worth .... a million words. No exaggeration or picture manipulation. This is the case, somedays.

Well, i did not get suitable pictures for quite some other junctions that face heavy traffic. Considering the "roles" they play in lives of folks who commute using them , they can not go unmentioned!

Marathahalli Bridge : Would soon enter the record books. It s a 700 metres stretch, but a nerve centre as it connects routes that have increased traffic flows.

Jam Factory : Ah... whoever named that ...... is definitely a visionary.

Yeah, the city's infrastructure is being tested. There are projects that are being undertaken to address these issues. Anyway, we do spend a significant part of our lives commuting! As goes this cartoon ......

Source : http://www.geocities.com/nkiruthikkumar/img/bangalore-traffic-2.gif

Source : http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v292/arjunprabhu/etc/HosurRoad004_t.jpg

James Shirley, in one of his poetic works claims, Death is a leveller. Well, Shirley, guess what, these traffic jams are levellers in their own rights too. Just take a stroll along these junctions i have mentioned, and you would see that for yourself!

Update : The link now points to the poem I mentioned !


Khushi said...

ha ha ha... so right! No one is spared...
sheesh, on an average we spend 3 hours a day on these roads :(

Jay said...


Oh yeah, we do. Well, that is on good days! On bad days .... ah .. lets not weep a lot on this blog!

Casablanca said...

Yup, I experienced all this, first hand, last week. And it is getting worse by the month... I was there barely a year back, and it was atleast better. Airport road, this time around, was a nightmare!

Jay said...


You were in Bangalore ? A blogger meet ...... down again!