Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Life is short .....

A few month's back, a popular south indian festival was the day I met this girl. It was a bad day at work, I was just planning for a quiet journey back home. I was not too keen to have a conversation that day. That's when she came in .........

She : Hai!
Me : Hai ......
She : So ....?
Me : ??
She : It's a long journey back and i don't like to go back "quiet"!
Me : Oh ....
She : Have you ever wondered .... all the leaders who have visited here have planted trees?
Me : Yeah ... so?
She : Bill Gates has planted a Bonsaii plant though!!
She : He he he
Me : ???
She : Well, for his empire he should have planted Bamboo or something!! Grows fast, don't ya think?
Me : Hmm...........
She : Oh, when exactly do you "experienced" folks stop appreciating humor ......

Well, that was the first meet .........

Another ...

She : You are not a part of the Quiz club?
Me : No?
She : Oh, you the experienced guy who is just on the call with Onsite all the time?

Well, i was a bit taken aback by the audacity of somone who is just an aquaintance. But somewhere .......... there ....... she had a point ...! I have met her quite a few occassions and the conversations have been quite diverse. From music to recruitment drives, from traffic flows to conspiracy theories, from Beethoven to plagiarism in music industry, from "work" to "life" ........ whetever be the topic, here was a girl who was filled with life ......and had boundless energy! To, a certain level where ......... it was just ......... contagious! It was almost two weeks since i had met her ...... I recieved a mail, from the ToastMaster's Club, in my Organisation ......

An excerpt

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing”. Well that’s exactly how it should be. One long and adventurous journey where every moment was lived to its fullest. And that once you leave there are NO REGRETS. The more difficult is the challenge, the sweeter are the rewards. It’s the thrill of rising up to the challenge and beating it in its face that becomes the prize. It’s overcoming your fear and then beating then all together. And that feeling that moment is what redefines a person. To me this moment of truth was when I was in the cockpit of a glider, airborne for the very first time. And by the time successfully completed that first sortie of mine, Ladies and gentlemen, I was a changed person.

- Shweta Jha

The 149th Meeting of the Infosys Toastmasters Club is dedicated to the Memory of Shweta Jha. We invite everyone who has known Shweta Jha to attend this Meeting and share your experiences. "

Surprised at the way in which the invite was drafted,(mentioning an excerpt from her), I mail her. There is no response .........! Slightly concerned .....I call up a common friend .... who confirmed the news that on June 10, when off to a project party, to Shivanasamudram, she had slipped from the rocks and had lost her life .........!!

Life .......... is indeed short! It sure is!

May her soul rest in peace!!


Khushi said...

//"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing”.

hmm... it sure is uncertain... :-|

Ekta said...

oh my gawd!
Thats sad!
God bless her soul...but she lead a grt life..spreading positivity around wherever she went and made a mark for herself till she lived!

Deepa said...

" We meet someone to depart and we depart to meet again "

May her soul Rest In Peace.

Anonymous said...

On the previous evening, the 9th of Jun.
The first day when she was back home before 1900hrs. Thrilled......that....
-there was no bug in her project,
-prolonged evenings on project paid,
-she was going for the project party
the next morning,
-bought a flying disc for the party,
packed badminton rackets and tennis
ball to entertain the entire group.
An evergreen personality, simple in sole
Too good to live in this complex world.

Dr V N Jha said...

To day, on 10 Jun 08, I got up early.

On that day too, she had woken us up, made a cup of tea for us. there was an incident in her room in the night when the study table caught fire because of the soldering iron which was accidentally left on. Was it a pointer to any tragedy that was in offing? I have no clue. In the night she had insisted that she wanted to attend the picnic and that no ones' parents or spouse were accompanying. Hence, reluctantly though, we had consented. While leaving, she looked at me. There was some unique expression, very different. Retrospectively, I feel, it was saying the untold, "if you say, I would not go". Why did not I stop her? May be previous evenings' conversations which made us agree to her attending that fateful party alone. May be her mom made so much of effort in making some home made snacks for her and her mates.
Half way towards her picnic bus, she called up her brother "I will be back to watch the world cup football"
Today, after 2 yrs of demise, I still feel she may come back. Alas! That was possible.
Thank you the Toastmasters, for remembering.

The unfortunate Dad, V N Jha

Jay said...


I can understand how difficult it must have been for you to even recall that fateful day.

We are there with you to share your grief.

Just one thing I wanted to mention here was perhaps, Shweta, was such a bundle of enthusiasm and inspiration to all of us and the smile she could bring to each and everyone of us was definitely HIS way of bringing some cheer to all our lives.

Perhaps, one of those rare individuals who have been wrongly taken away from here.

We are with you.