Monday, March 13, 2006

Hitching a ride on Taxi No 9211?

A bollywood movie, in its truest sense. A taxi driver, a passenger and their different yet similar attitudes (confusing? Well .,.,... ) set up an interesting ride in Mumbai.

A mumbai taxi driver, Nana patekar, has a very short fuse. He hates almost everyone around him and attributes his failures to the ways of the world. An individual who changes quite a few jobs , before setting his hands on the wheel, although lying to his wife that he has a white collared job.

A spoilt brat, John Abraham. Surrounded with fake individuals who are behind his money, flat, cars and parties than him.

A ride, where each individual wants to teach the other a lesson, that he is 'in control'. The screenplay was interesting. A event and winding back to profiling each individual was on the lines of the movie 'Yuva'. The world shown through eyes of individuals who differ only in their economic stature. Given an opportunity each would claim that Mumbai belonged to 'his' sect and would be happy without the 'other' sect! :D. Songs.'Zinda.....' and 'Meter Down' are foot tappers, while 'Ek Nazar.... ' sets you wondering. Dialogues ....... curt and sharp. Its worth a watch if you would set aside a few flaws. Ofcourse, the last few minutes are a serious let down just has an anticlimax after the climax! You don't belive me.... watch it! ;-)

The foes .... turn friends ... returning favours and indeed teach each other a lesson. A lesson watchable once though! ;-)


Anonymous said...

//their different yet similar attitudes

hmm, thats right!

though it looked too exhagerrated, the dailogue of sonali summed it all..
//has an anticlimax after the climax!
ha ha ha...
it was so much a bollywood masala at the end..

Dreamy Eyed Gal said...

XACTLY!!!...the movie was nice bt the last 5 min was really such an anti climax!!!

Jay said...


Yes, a bollywood masala it indeed was!


Thats right, what a let down!! Welcome to scintillations!

Vikram said...

I wanted to go watch it but the tickets were all sold out. But I always feared it would a cheap lift-off Collateral. But now that you gave a brief review, will check it out sometime.

Jay said...


I feared the same too. Fortunately its not!

chitra said...

Nana is a treat to watch. Pleasant surprise seeing John 'act' :) !

Casablanca said...

Hitching a ride on Taxi No 9211

Is that the name of the movie?

Jay said...


Yeah ... thats right!


Nope .... the movie name is , "Taxi No 9-2-11"

educatedunemployed said...

It is an interesting version of Changing lanes( Ben Affleck, Samuel L.Jackson).Do watch that too.

Jay said...


Oh is it? Will try to watch the it!