Monday, May 15, 2006

Heights ...... - Part I

Weekends are generally reserved for ..... chilling, relaxing and just lazing around. Ah .... not all of them though! So, this weekend was reserved for a trek at Tadiyandamol.

Coorg, the land of coffee, scenic beauty and picturesque landscapes. A place where one can find himself on cloud no 9, romance nature and awe at its beauty. Mystic streams, lush greeneries, igneous rocks, jagged pathways, mist and greenery complete a brief introduction to this haven.

On friday evening, we left Bangalore, away for a break, away from traffic and all the commotion. It was a gang of seven of us. Faces were put to the email id's and names I had only heard about. The gang explained not in any particular order,

Lakshmi : Casual and fun element of the group.
Kethan : Die hard kannada music fan ( "Excuse Me", "Neene Neene", "Yello Jogapa Ninna...")
easily provoked. Fun, nevertheless. We learn everything from everyone, isnt it? Did somone say, "Yes, Sir?" ;-)
Aparna : The "silent" observer.
Chitra : Seasoned. You can know, more about her, here.
Shub : Was one of the reasons we had a fabulous fun filled trip and returned back with "memories" captured with a 12X optical zoom camera ;-)
Kiran : A friend, a philosopher and guide.
( Huh???! ;-). Not necessarily in that order. I know all the rest are going to kill me for being so kind to him, But then ..........)

Ofcourse me : Not much to say, just the quiet one!

Who was that??! Who was the one who smirked now???! :O. Humility is my middle name, I hope you all know that by now!! (:D)

The moment we all met at Laksh's place itself I got a feeler that the trip is going to be fun.
It started with Shub askin me a question, " Do you know who I am?" , After 12 years I knew Kiran and Shub being the only new guy entrant it was just not that difficult to guess! :D

So we moved .. narrating one fun story after another. Oh yeah ..... Coorg was calling and how could we let our number be engaged? ;-)

Morning ...... with a misty carpet .... Coorg welcomed us.

She seemed happy to see us ....... Infact we were recieved with flowers too ...

and this .......

and this ........

With such a lavish invitation ..... I knew this was going to be a memorable trip ........

PS : A lot of memories in this trip and hence the Memoirs are going to be in 3 parts.


Khushi said...

this is called hotte-urisification...

senorita said...

sigh again! :(

Jay said...


How i wish .... ....


How i really, really wish! :p!