Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hearsay ......

Mahabharat, an epic 1300 verses, 2109 chapters and eighteen divisions measures up as one of the greatest epics. This epic has been translated to many languages and indeed a source of inspiration to many .......

The hearsay , I encountered had a reference to an instance from this epic, when it were being staged in a junior school.

The scene that was being enacted was the one in which Dushasana humiliates Draupadi. The scene was perfomed by a group of guys in their middle school. In the play, Draupadi's evokes Krishna's blessings to overcome the humiliation. Lord Krishna comes to her rescue by handing over an endless garment , thus avoiding the humiliation, she otherwise would have had to undergo.

When this scene was being perfomed on stage, the guy playing the part of Dushasana got a bit overzealous and tugged on the garment , "Draupadi" had adorned. The tugging gave way and the garment fell loose. In what could have turned out as a panic situation, the guy who played "Draupadi" just held his nerve. He was up on stage with quite a lot of people watching the play and to his shock .. the "saree" he was in was off .. thanks to the over zealous "Dushasana". That's when this "draupadi" , displays his "spontaneous" side.

Looking up , he apparently said .... " Hey Krishna, I just asked you for more of a garment, and you ....... you ..... to save me from all this humiliation have changed my gender itself!!! Thank You .. Lord ... Thank you!! "

Apparently the applause did 'nt die down for quite a while ......... :-)


Khushi said...

he he he,,
have heard this b4 :D

Ashwin said...

Good one!!!

Shikha said...

that is so funny:))..when i was in a play once where i was the wife,my 'husband' couldnt remember any of the dialogues...and i had to say the rest!

Jay said...


Ofcourse! I told you ;-)





chitra said...

Timely use of brains!