Friday, April 21, 2006

Miss Life

Life's lessons.

We have many teachers. But amongst all of those, probably the most influential one would be, Life. Here's is a few, that she taught me!

Statutory Warning : Incoherent thoughts ahead. Reader discretion advised.

a) When, you feel this is the worst that could happen to you, you are wrong. There could be things far worse.
b) When, you feel this is the best that could happen to you, you are wrong again. There could be things far better.
c) Sometimes, the acts which caused immense pain, to you,like this, can bring a smile when recollected.
d) Sometimes, life can just be too kind!!
e) Sometimes confusions are good!
f) Following the traffic rules can get you bumped by a car behind.
g) Majority need not be right!
h) You can never wipe the slate clean. Sometimes there are just visible marks on it, or worse, scars on the board.
i) The most entertaining, gripping, comical play you could ever watch would be titled , " Life".
j) Anonyomity is not a hindarance to bonding.
k) Life is a theatre, but you need to switch on the lights, move the screens and invite your audience.
l) Your instincts need'nt be right.
m) Sometimes you could just be "stuck in reverse" ( Okie, I like Cold Play's "Fix you" track :-))
n) Your views and opinions season.
o) Sometimes you may have just missed the point.
p) You are better off being on your own, than changing yourself for someone else!
q) Some folks can be the "solitary reapers" and some the "daffodils".
r) You can make a difference.
s) Corporate ladders are a cliche'. Escalators and lifts are in!
u) Some movies are just not worth your money, when some are just priceless.
v) Sometimes you need a Redo, Undo, Cut, Copy, Paste, Refresh icons to your application called Life.
w) If you don't, laugh at yourself, you are just letting others do that job.
x) Change is good.
y) There is nothing called , free food.
z) Sometimes, you just overlook. Opportunity, flaws, strengths et al.

PS : There was no 't' bullet, in this list. Did you notice that when you read first time? ;-). Aha ... there .. I just proved my last point!


Khushi said...

Clap Clap Clap!!!

Life is a sweet melody, just the lyrics are slightely messed up ;-)
Er.... is that ur blog title???

Jay said...


:-). Yeah right and rightly so!

chitra said...

"Anonyomity is not a hindarance to bonding" BOMBAAT !!

Jay said...



aknowkneemoose said...

Hey, Jay!

This is a really good post! :)

BTW, by Your views and opinions season, do you mean that they keep changing?

Jay said...



Er.. i meant it more in the line of "Your Views and opinions, mature"
You start of with a highly optimistic opinion on issues .. but they mature as time progresses!

Sawaastik said...

really nice

Jay said...