Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Each one of us have our priorities at different points of time. Contentment is closely linked to the same.

Searching for bright stones, amidst the vast desert, assuming that all those bright stones are gems, we sometimes loose the diamonds we already possessed!!

Disclaimer : The above picture was published with no intent of any monetary gain . ;-)


chitra said...

Tee hee...too good :D !!

Khushi said...

he he :D
no intention of monitory gain??? then whose wife are you aiming at :-?

Hemanth said...

so very true... But then at times when you are not content with things you might achieve, rather find precious stones... Just that at no point we should not quantize/compare achievements as we go ahead... If we do so we will never be happy with our achievements :)

I feel there should be a very fine balance wat say???

aknowkneemoose said...

What about "If only I had person one's money and person two's wife?" ;)

Nice cartoon. good post :)

Jay said...




WHAT???! :O. (Okie, after all this over reaction, I guess I have a big crush on Jennifer Connelly. Thats a secret! Okie? ;-))


Agreed!! If comparison is going to be constant, then I guess we forget to live.


Aha! Ever heard of seven deadly sins? Oh forget it, you wouldnt have!! :D

Deepa said...

Diversity is the of life !