Friday, February 24, 2006

Sound of Music.

Over the weekend that went by, I made a visit to Leela Palace, an indulgence in Bangalore. A game of bowling beckoned . The lead time, to being allotted a lane, was slightly more than what could have gripped me to their plush leather seats. Thus i took a stroll to their Galleria section.

As I was strolling by, music waffled in the air. Ah ......! Curious to find the origin of this, i looked in the direction from where it were probably emnating. Ah ... the Music. Ah.... the Music.

A pianist, seated at a slightly elevated platform which hosted the grand piano was the cause for this wonderful effect. The ceiling was adorned with beautiful lights and the effect was stunning, as it simulated a starry sky.Something about me was really impressed by this sight. But what was this ........... people loitered around the stalls and were engrossed in their chores. There were'nt many who stopped to listen to him. A few who did ........ relished the moments they were there for and then moved away looking at their watches. I wondered ......... what could possibly, be motivating this pianist? There were not many who applauded. There were not many who cared to even stand by and watch. Infact, they moved around and behaved as though he never existed. It was just as though, they considered him void.As i stood there for a while and watched him play, it just dawned on me what his motivation was!! He was not playing for the gallery. It did not matter to him that, no one watched him or applauded. The place where he was did not matter. All that mattered to him was the music itself. He was in a tango with the music. It was his date with music and he was relishing every moment of it. The piano, notes of Mozart he used, the place where he played from, were just tools to him. He had met his solace in the music he was creating. He enjoyed 'that' company as well. All the rest were just 'null and void' to him!!

Well ....... I can identify with the pianist. Did you ask why??? Er ........ lets just say, I am motivated too! ;-)


Khushi said...

u r 'moti'vated ?????


chitra said...

By food :) :) ?

Jay said...


Well you could say so ...! ;-)


Maybe a Foodie!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

As a pianist myself, I can definitely say that your epiphany about the motivation of the pianist at the gallery was completely accurate. It's always nice to play for an interested audience, but if they choose to ignore you, you can easily wrap yourself up in the music and enjoy it just as much as playing for yourself at home (which I personally enjoy quite a bit).

Oh, and I called my first album of original piano compositions "Scintillations". :-) But that was in 1993, long before there was such a thing as a blog...

Div Slomin.

Gangadhar said...

pleasant one...

Jay said...


Welcome to Scintillations! :-). Could we have the privilege of listening to your Scintillations? ;-).


Thanks :-)

Div Slomin said...

Thanks Ganga --

My old "Scintillations" album was an analog home recording with very little editing, which I used as a demo tape and never published. In contrast, my new album "Age of Wonder" is a modern, professional-quality recording available on CD. Check it out!

-- Div.

Jay said...


Thanks for the link .... the compositions are AWESOME! :-)! Good ones!