Friday, August 19, 2005

Incoherence .....

An acquaintance (Y) that occurred offlate is the subject of this blog. Came in contact through a buddy of mine.

Y had some issues with the curriculum they followed and those issues pertained to the profession I undertake . The buddy of mine felt that just coz i work in a field I would n 't blink my eyelid to help people out with their issues after the ordeal I go through everyday. Sigh!!!

Anyway the issue with Y began after I apparently did help out with the issue . Y seemed to be really thankful for me having done this favour and wanted to extend the boundaries beyond the realms of aquiantances!! I mean getting all carried away by a simple gesture was all too much anyway. Well it apparently appeared so strange that merely by helping out with a small issue somone wanted to extend their association.

Well what may have triggered this .......... Incoherence at its best.

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