Monday, August 29, 2005

Cynicism .... Reloaded.

The drizzle in the evening was a welcome break from the intense heat that was just boring through me the whole afternoon. Madurai, the place where the Meenakshi temple is situated. The temple is an architectural wonder , with the art standing tall even after 382 years of when it was constructed.

Time had come to bid adieu and to head back . Train journeys always provide you with some food for thought, this time no less ofcourse. There was a mixed bag of personalities this time around. A middle aged person was too engrossed in discussing her 'take home' with another. As her friend parted away she began religiously reading 'Men are From Mars , Women are from Venus'. The ticket checker who came in to verify took the additional pain of introducing all of us to each other bu reading out all our names and seat numbers loudly.

Thats when I met this guy. A T shirt, Jeans and an attitude to match that. He bid adieu from his dad ( I guess ) and promised to call once he gets some accomodation. After a while of silenence he starts a conversation ... an excerpt ... R.

R : Is it raining outside ?
Me : Hmm ... I guess ( Well its pouring out what did U expect me to say??!)
R : The TT gave a introduction of all of us isnt it?
Me : Yeah .... ( I smile ... That was the best I could do that question)
R : U From Bangalore?
Me : Yeah I am.
R : Is it really cold there?
Me : Well the weathere is good most times of the year. We do touch 35 sometimes, but we touch 14 sometimes too. Overallk its pretty nice.
R : Oh ....we see temperatures till 48 - 50 here. (:O)
Me : Oh really??!
R : So where do U work ?
Me : Me .... well I work in the Service Industry. (:-))
R : Oh ..... ( A look of disappointment in his face)
Me : What about U?!
R : Well I am a Software Engineer, I am going to Mysore to join Infosys.
Me : Oh ......... Thats nice.
R : Well IT was always my choice and this company is great U know.
Me : Hmm heard of it .... Pretty neat campuses U all have eh?
R : Yeah, U name it from Multiplexes, Swimming Pools, Shopping Malls, Guest Houses and yeah the reputation of the company .. is just too good.
Me : Oh really?!
R : So how is this place Koramanagala?
Me : The real estate bit is a bit expensive. But yeah this place is close to ECity.
R : Oh ... If I get a choice between Bangalore and Chennai, I guess I ll go 4 Bangalore
Me : But the Cost of living is more in Blore.
R : Considering I work for Two years in Bangalore , I should be able to buy something in Bangalore .
Me : Really?!
R : I think so .....

Optimism of buying a place in 2 years ........... and his cynicism about the service industry. SIGH!!! He has lots of things to learn and experience!! ;-)


praks said...

i cudnt stop laughing at this!...hahahaaha

praks said...

shit ...i can almost visualize the entire conversation..haha