Monday, May 30, 2005

So 'close' yet ..... So 'far'.

Well this Sunday's European Grand Prix was a thriller by even F1 standards. The competitive world of Formula 1 has dished out many a thriller's , well the German Grand Prix was nothing less this time around.

An ambitious driver, a well tuned engine, back to back convincing victories, an ice cool attitude, all seem like the perfect ingredients of a team and a driver who should have tasted success. That was not to be . Kimi Raikkonen crashed out of the race in the final lap of the European Grand Prix, just 3 miles short of the chequered flag. Spain's Alonso who 'won' the race was ecstatic. Why won't he be ?!

Sometimes ....................... life's just like that. They are so many parameters that influence and so many probabilities involved that a Bayesian Network to simulate it would be too complex ;-). Maybe he had pushed the automobile too far or maybe the Michellin designer's had overlooked this grips (tyre) issue or maybe he could have settled for a second or third place instead of crashing out. It's easy to be among the spectators and discuss all this,but there at that point he made a decision to push a little too hard and he had to pay a huge price for that.

U are so close to getting something, so close to clinching a deal, so close to first place , so close to just being there, so close to WIN and then in a flash .................. you just don't belong there. U have sort of 'evaporated' from the scene.

Well ............... as goes the saying "Many a slip, between the cups and lips ."


praks said...

many a slip between the "cups" and the "lips"....hmmmm....

u pervert!!..haha

wasnt it supposed to be the cup and the lip?

Jay said...

U caught me there ....... Din't U ;-)

nuttysocrates said...

lol @ praks

hmm Schumacher seems to be out of the loop this season