Tuesday, December 11, 2007

English Humour.

Steve, my project manager, as he was leaving home, on a friday, quips,
"Wish you luck on the implementation, this weekend".
Rob, Steve's team mate, who was close by remarks, "Luck perhaps, would do for Jay. I need a MIRACLE, for my implementation". :D

The train from Croydon to London Bridge, is delayed by ten minutes. The train driver, remarks on the Public Announcement system, "I apologise for the slow running of the train. This happenned due to a member of staff taking ill. They tried their best to find, a smart, young attrative male for the job ............unfortunately i was the only one available. We will be reaching London Bridge by 8 30" :D

The lift in my office, ceases to move with five of us, all in a hurry to attend a meeting. All the buttons are illuminated, yet, there is no effect. One of them quips, "Perhaps, its Monday Blues ...... " :D

A manager, asks Steve who is from the client team, in a meeting, "So, Steve you will circulate the notes to all of us?". Steve, retorts, "Oh No! I have a habit of writing notes to myself." :D

As we approach the cafetaria, we catch up with Mark, who seems to have a two day old stubble. Peter, one of Steve's colleagues, comments to Mark, 'So, buying yourself a razor, this Christmas?' :D. Mark, remarks, 'Nope, thought, i shall just get myself a beard'. :).


Chitra said...

Good ones ! True English humour!

Jay said...



L P said...

swear.. ! English folks !