Wednesday, July 18, 2007

London Calling .....

Speakers, warn the passengers 'Mind the Gap'.

Trains overcrowded, during peak hours ........ grappling with the evergrowing additions to this city.

Trains delayed, in the entire Northern line, as a passenger has taken ill ....... in the adjacent station.

Tabloids every morning and evening, free.

A summer temperature of 15 degrees.

Rains. All of a sudden.

Aachi Masala. Chennai Dosa.


Bright at 11 30 PM.

Hang on ...... lots more to come ....... in the coming posts.


Anonymous said...

Ditto! Nov 2005
trains at 6:17.. thats when i discovered that there was something odd abt LN train timings

Jay said...


True. Who is this? ;-)