Monday, May 28, 2007

Directions : Venusian Vs Martian

Thanks to all of you all, who wished me, through emails and messages. Do find, a treat in your inboxes soon. :-)

So, a couple of friends had met up for a treat. Ofcourse, i was the host!

Barbeque Nation, the venue for the treat, is a place i would recommend to folks who would want to revel in ambience. The barbeques at ones' table with the sweet aroma wafting is all excellent, if its only at your table. The salivary glands were already in overdrive. However, the treat was only olfactory, till now, as we were waiting for another friend of mine to join in.Apparently, he was somewhere around, as he did not know, the exact location of this place. K, calls on him to check where he was ............ (In typical Venusian fashion,following is the conversation that ensued)

K: Hey .... where are you?
P: Somewhere around that place. Right now, near E.S.I hospital. How do i get to this restaurant?
K: Okie ..... you are near E.S.I now?
P: (wonders if its a paraphrasing class ....) Yeah!!
K: Okie... come straight ahead ..... you know Levi's Showroom?
P: Ok .......
K: Hm ... do you know the Lee Showroom?
P: Hm ......
K: You know, that other X showroom on that road ........
P: Hm ..... Okie, how do i come from here?
K: You come straight ahead ..... there used to be Nandini ..... now it is not there ....
P: Okie .....
K: This place ... is right opposite to that!
P: Huh ....! So ....
K: Okie ... wait .. let me give the phone to Jay.

So, i am roped in to this loop .....

Me: Dood ... from E.S.I , come straight ahead, to Khivraj Bajaj. Next to that is this place.
P: Cool dude, will be there in 2 min !

K, to all the rest............ : Hey, where is this Khivraj Bajaj?


Anyway .... nothing to take away from the fun i had that day. This blog was just to show the differences in approach taken by Venusians and Martians. :-).
The surprise birthday cake.(I loved that and for the first time, it was not splashed on my face). The nostalgic memories. The chat that lasted for quite a while. Ah .. it was all great!

Thanks to Ket, Pad, Laksh and Khushi, for reducing the impact of moving from 25 to 26.


Kiran said...

hey dude.. u must remember..ket's art of giving directions is legendary.. remember the "straight road to her house" directions!! hahaha.. :D

hope u guys had good fun pal..

Jay said...


Oh yeah! Had just missed to mention that in this post! :-)

It was great fun! You should have been here too ...!

Priyanka Sarkar said...

as a venusian i feel irked...but nonetheless i do agree ur observation is almost close to correct;)
keep blogging..

Jay said...



Padmaraj said...

LOL.....She had the same problem when I was choosing a T-shirt for you....had she not intervened you would have got a round neck adidas T-shirt.....We shall relish your matured looks ; ) in the collared T-Shirts....

Jay said...


:D. Kethan ..... :)

chitra said...

OLLe kathe :-)!