Monday, April 30, 2007

Name Game.

"Why, did you choose someone whose name starts with the same letter as yours?" asked a friend of mine, as i had been a unintended recipient of an SMS, from her, actually meant to be delivered to "someone".

Well, only after i answered that question of hers' i pondered ...... on some associations i have/ had ..... purely on account of my name, beginning with the alphabet, in the vicinity of the alphabet their names began with. Quite a few of them. Some of these folks, i would have never mingled with otherwise. Some of these folks i may have missed if not for that stroke of luck.

In Pre Univ, i met some elements who changed my perspective on certain issues quite drastically. They tried their best to narrow down my view. I am happy they lost in their excercise. These folks whom i had to share two years of my life taught me a lesson or two in tolerance (They tested almost how long i could withstand them!). I felt like being subjugated to an array of experiments on testing the limits of personality destruction!

In college, i guess no one would have hated me as much as roll no 64, simply because according to him, in jest, " i destroyed his otherwise brilliant academic record". Actually, i sympathise with him! :-). Maybe, he was right to a certain degree. I was an average student (Naaaaaaah! I am humble! ;-)) in college. I had one nasty habit that started off in school. A dude who copied an answer from my paper, flunked a paper and had to leave school. Probably, that's when i decided i should be the recipient of the accolades or brickbats and that i wouldn't want to put in someone else's results in jeopardy. Thus, it was always that way. Poor, 64, had to face the brunt of it in our engineering days!

My training days in my corporate life was a splendid experience too! Quite a few of us ..... were in a group forced, by the company policy of linking a few folks alphabetically. Ah ...... what a stroke of luck. :-). That was by far one of the most enjoyable group i have had to "work" with! :-). I even got paid for that! :-). Life can be unfair at times .......... to others! :-).

Indeed, sometimes we are forced into a group on account of our names. Sometimes its good ..... because ... even you couldn't have chosen a better group yourself! :-)


Kiran said...

thats how even i got close to kareena, karen and kempamma.. [:P]

Jay said...


Dhorai ....english ellam pesudhu :D

Kiran said...

engleesa!! naan kadasiya paartha englees padam solay.. [:D]

Jay said...


With kempamma, karen or kristinne?


(In hushed tones ... Or all of them? :p)

Kiran said...

solay with kareena
spiderman with karen
bangarada manusya with kempu darling..:)

PS: lets take this discussion offline now.. u know all 3 of them are ur blog fans rite?? .. :D

Jay said...

Sure Sure.

k3G otherwise eh? :D :D

Kiran said...

hahaha.. good one.. :D